Tune In and Tune Up Your Life at This Year’s Health Fair

By Brittni Henderson

Like healthy trees, humans can grow to be strong, rooted in the earth and in their bodies. But similarly, a poorly watered, fed, and cared for tree will be small, brittle, and likely to fall.

Don “DC” Culp shared this analogy when discussing the upcoming health fair that he and his organization “Tune in and Tune up” will be hosting for the second year in a row on October 21, 2018. Many things, including the lifestyle that Culp has been living for the past few decades, inspired the program.

Growing up, Culp became fascinated with music and martial arts. An unlikely pair but two arts in which he found major passion. Almost like yin and yang, the two brought him into two worlds: one of discipline and one of chaos. Culp was able to translate the restraint and self-control that he learned from martial arts to his music career, but it was evident that many others in the industry did not have that will.

Culp and other members of his organization, in conjunction wit the RI Music Hall of Fame, came up with the idea to create a safe place for education for individuals in the music industry who may not have access to health care or other healthy decision-making skills.

This year’s theme is “With a Little Help from Our Friends” and will have a special focus on the opioid awareness addiction crisis that has overtaken this country. This is an ideal forum to reach a large number of musicians and industry professionals who, due to in part to the lifestyle and peer pressure, have a higher percentage of drug and alcohol use disorders than other professions. Also, many in the field do not have health insurance, or have a hard time obtaining it.

The free fair will be held from 12-4pm at the Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket, with a concert from 2-6pm as well. Vendors from all ends of the health care industry are invited to be present to share information with attendees. There will be giveaways, interactive sessions, and music to tie everything together. It will be a whole body and mind affair.

“One of the most important things I can teach is that you can teach yourself,” Culp says. It is his hope that at this year’s fair, and many years to come, families will be able to gain the knowledge it takes to live healthy, long, and prosperous lives.

At his Dojo in North Kingstown, he provides the same kind of instruction to his students and other instructors. The Whole Arts Training Center offers Shizen-do Karate for all ages, Boxing, Shizen-do Jujitsu, and various fitness classes. It is warm and welcoming vibe, with the emphasis on staying true to the art.

“Life isn’t a dress rehearsal,” Culp adds. “My hope is to help people fall in love with their bodies and to start living healthy lifestyles, through body and mind.”

Visit tuneinandtuneup.org for more information on the health fair and the organization’s ambition to help people live healthy lives.