Tikoian to Run for Re-Election

Tikoian to Run for Re-Election

Senator David P. Tikoian is honored to announce his candidacy for re-election to the Rhode Island State Senate, representing District 22 encompassing Smithfield, North Providence, and Lincoln. Serving as the voice of the people in the Rhode Island General Assembly has been a profound privilege.

During his first term, Senator Tikoian has served diligently on significant Senate Committees, including Judiciary, Housing & Municipal Government, Environment & Agriculture, and Rules, Government Ethics & Oversight, along with appointment to the Rhode Island Emergency Management Advisory Council.

Drawing on a rich public service background as a former Rhode Island State Trooper, Municipal Police Chief, and Town Council member, Senator Tikoian brings a wealth of experience and deep commitment to public service. This dedication and tested leadership experience has fueled remarkable achievements benefiting District 22.

Highlights from his first term include:

Tax Relief: Passage of Senate Bill 705, delivering over $22 Million in State Aid to Senate District 22, thereby abolishing the local car tax permanently.

Education Funding: Support for an Education Funding Formula resulting in an additional $3 Million in State Aid to Senate District 22, easing the municipal tax burden while bolstering resources for students and educators.

Infrastructure Investment: Allocation of over $1.3 Million in State Aid for municipal road paving projects in District 22, ensuring each town receives equitable support for road restoration and paving projects.

Small Business Support: Enactment of legislation granting Rhode Island business owners a $50,000 tangible tax exemption, providing significant tax relief, and fostering economic growth.

Public Safety Measures: Advocated for enhanced penalties for DUI and passed legislation mandating inclusion of marijuana impairment education in Drivers’ Education curriculum, promoting highway safety.

Animal Welfare Advocacy: Sponsorship of legislation intensifying penalties for animal neglect and cruelty, promoting animal welfare.

Community Grants: Acquisition of over $40,000 in grants benefiting Senior Centers, Youth Athletics, Recreation, Schools, Public Safety, and the Food Pantry in Senate District 22.

Senator Tikoian pledges to persist as a devoted and tireless advocate for Senate District 22, legislating with honesty, integrity, humility, and professionalism.

Expressing his unwavering commitment to Rhode Island’s prosperity, Senator Tikoian stated, “I love Rhode Island and remain committed to working hard each day, making our state a more desirable place to live, work, raise a family, enjoy the environment and operate a business. That is why I am seeking re-election to the Rhode Island State Senate.”

Media Contact: Senator David P. Tikoian

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