Thread Intentions: Fabric as Paint—an exhibition by Nancy Turbitt

Thread Intentions: Fabric as Paint—an exhibition by Nancy Turbitt

Nancy Turbitt will be showing her work in an exhibition, Thread Intentions: Fabric as Paint, at the Greenville Public Library April 1 through May 31, 2024. Nancy uses graphic imagery in an illustrative style to create her work from fabrics, using bright, bold colored cottons and silks and punctuates her designs with lots of stitching. She uses her art to elicit an emotive response often expressing subtle commentary about her concern over the natural environment and loss of habitat. Her artist voice is that of a storyteller and looks to engage the inner child in every viewer.

Nancy’s first studio was in Monohasset Mills in Providence, RI for five years and it was there that she coined her studio name of Girasole, which means sunflower in Italian. After moving to Smithfield in 2008, she retired from her day job to pursue her art full time. Her studio now resides in a large room at the back of her home where the south windows flood the room with light on the sewing machines, and piles of fabrics.

“The best part of each day is my time spent creating in my studio,” Nancy says. There she finds countless inspirations from the animals and plants surrounding her home, from bumble bees to deer and rabbits to red tailed hawks.

Having exhibited internationally, curated juried exhibitions, won awards including Best of Show, and published articles on her work, Nancy is looking forward to a simpler style of life lately.

“I am enjoying a more relaxed time in my studio, where there are no more deadlines and work flows freely as it comes to me,” says Turbitt, “I seem to have a more pointed focus on getting all those ideas I have been musing about, out of my head and into fabric and stitch.” Nancy completed her first 3D fiber artwork named Orchard Pies, which was exhibited at the Bristol Art Museum last summer and is working on a fiber book. Both the 3D fiber sculpture and some of the book’s pages will be on view at the Greenville Public Library this April and May.

On Thursday, April 18 from 6:30pm – 7:45pm, Nancy will be at the Greenville Public Library for Artful Conversations, where she will do a gallery lecture-walk through the exhibit explaining her medium in greater detail and answering questions. Light refreshments will be served after. For information on hours at the library or directions: or call 401-949-3630.

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