The Two Hearts Behind the David Louis Cunha Foundation

The Two Hearts Behind the David Louis Cunha Foundation

Loving and supportive parents Peter and Cheryl Cunha created the David Louis Cunha Foundation in the memory of their late son David to give back to the community in a way that reflects the beauty of David’s life. When David unexpectedly passed away in early 2015, his parents decided to create a cause that supports children with life threatening and terminal illnesses.

Since its inception nine years ago, the foundation has raised more than $120,000 for children in need in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Peter and Cheryl warmly shared their son’s story with us—their son who was so full of life and had an infectious and bright personality.

David graduated in 2012 from Smithfield High School as a National Honor Society member and went to study communications at Rhode Island College. His time on this Earth was spent beautifully—he was surrounded by family and friends who loved him. David was a very vibrant young man and as his parents say, he was a shining star. Peter and Cheryl shared that he had such a contagious smile and anyone who had the pleasure of meeting him felt like they had known him forever. David’s 21 years were very full, and he had such an amazing impact on so many people in his life. He worked at the State House during his time here and was involved in community service and nonprofit organizations. 

The beating heart of this foundation is David’s parents, who turned something difficult into something positive that could provide support and happiness to children just like David. They understand the challenges and struggles that these children face from day to day and want to be able to best support them in any way that they can. They put smiles on children’s faces during trying times. During Christmas time, these wonderful parents reach out to their local communities to provide people with any help that they may need during the holidays. They also sponsor two scholarships for Smithfield High School students. Afterwards they go to the youth memorial in Deerfield Park to celebrate the scholarships given. Peter and Cheryl also partner with Wish Come True located in Coventry to make children’s wishes come true. 

Peter and Cheryl started this foundation so that their beloved son’s name and life would live on through the years and know that his life and his infectious personality continues to make an impact on the community.

For more information about their mission, please visit David’s foundation website at 

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