The Class of ‘24 is Officially “Out the Door”

The Class of ‘24 is Officially “Out the Door”

It’s that time of the year again—when four years of hard work, effort, and memories come to a conclusion. 

The class of 2024 entered high school during one of the hardest times: a global pandemic. In 2020, Smithfield students, alongside millions of others across the globe, were learning almost completely virtually. Weeks were divided into “A” and “B” days, zoom meetings were typical, and visiting friends in person was a rare occurrence. 

As sophomore year rolled around, school was nearly back to normal, but masks were common and Covid was still a concern. School wasn’t normal, but it was getting closer to being so. 

By junior year, it was as if nothing had changed in the first place—virtual learning only occurred due to weather issues, masks became a rare sight, and the class of 2024 had their first “normal” year of high school.

And then, before they knew it, senior year was approaching. Senior sunrise kickstarted the year, and soon senior festivities were in full swing. Class shirts went on sale, homecoming spirit week flew by, and parking spots were painted before the end of October. 

“I personally could not be prouder of us and all we were able to accomplish in the short 180 days we had,” says class president Bella Colluci. “Although, truthfully, our class’ success would not have been possible without the help of our wonderful advisors, Mr. Derek Snow and Mrs. Kelley Young. They both dedicated their incalculable time, money, and love to our class within the last four years and we could not be more grateful.”

The annual Senior Fashion Show was presented in December, with a number of skits, dances, and much more. Just before, SHS’s NHS Chapter put on Storyland, and the Student Council organized Winter Ball.

Competition struck mid-year, with Senior Assassin driving friends for the reward of a pretty penny. Highly anticipated Senior Nights arrived, honoring the athletes of the class and their achievements. 

Portfolios were presented after three years of work, the first Spring Fling dance was put on, and the final spirit week passed in the blink of an eye. The class’ last prom was full of memories and good times, exams were taken, and before anyone realized it, it was the seniors’ last day.

Honors night and breakfast put academic achievements in the spotlight, cords were received, and the seniors were officially ready to walk the stage.

Grad caps were decorated, gowns were steamed, and the class of 2024 arrived at Deerfield, eager to proceed with the day. Sat shoulder to shoulder, they watched one another walk the stage, receive their diploma, flip their tassel, and throw their caps.

The graduation ceremony began at 11:00am the morning of Saturday, June 8. Like years prior, the band played “Pomp and Circumstance,” the chorus sang the national anthem, and speeches were given from administrators and students. 

Soon after, cheers filled the air, smiles were plastered on faces, and tears were shed. Friends and family shared hugs, flowers were given and received, and timeless memories were created. 

“The class of 2024 has a unique bond; one I have never seen before at Smithfield High School. My hope is that we all stay close as we go on and seek different paths,” says Colluci. 

Years of hard work, culminated into one ceremony. The class of 2024 had officially graduated.

The class of 2024 has had an incredible impact on not only other students at SHS, but on teachers, administrators, and the entire community of Smithfield. The 2023-2024 school year was a year to remember, and wouldn’t have been possible without the class of 2024, their efforts, and advisors. 

To the class of 2024—the town of Smithfield is grateful for the impacts you have made on the community over the years, is excited to see where you may go, what you may accomplish in the years to come!

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