Smithfield’s Future Business Leaders

Smithfield’s Future Business Leaders

There are tons of clubs at Smithfield High School, like the Drama Club, Debate Team, Sentinel Singers, and more. One of the numerous organizations at SHS is FBLA, or Future Business Leaders of America. Founded by Hamden Forkner in 1937, FBLA helps inspire over 200,000 members to pursue their future in business.

Despite the name of the organization, FBLA is not strictly for those who’d like to work professionally in the world of business. It also provides lifelong skills that can be used in any leadership position or workplace, like networking, communication, interviewing, and professionalism.

FBLA attends multiple field trips throughout the school year, most of which take place at Johnson and Wales University in Providence. Some of these field trips include the Etiquette Lunchethon and the State Leadership Summit.

On these field trips, students dress in business-casual attire, attend seminars, and listen to guest speeches. During their most recent field trip, the Spring Leadership Conference, some FBLA members competed in the presentational event. In this event, students display their presentations in hopes of earning plaques, certificates, and scholarships. Students are also able to compete in testing events from home or school.

On specific field trips, like the Etiquette Lunchethon, members are also able to receive real-life, real-time instruction and advice on business etiquette. These tips could be useful not just in business, but in the workplace, or even your everyday restaurant.

FBLA also hosts several fundraisers. Annually, they hold a Krispy Kreme donut fundraiser, but they host others throughout the year. Some of these fundraisers have included Chipotle, online candle selling, Hats for Hunger, and the Snap! Fundraiser they are running right now.

FBLA also fundraises through business partnerships and is working to extend their connections. Business connections and local sponsorships allow the chapter to attend more field trips, like the National Leadership Conference.

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