Smithfield Town Council Vice President Michael Iannotti Seeking Second Term

Smithfield Town Council Vice President Michael Iannotti Seeking Second Term

Smithfield Town Council Vice President Michael Iannotti has announced that he will be seeking a second term on the Smithfield Town Council.

Iannotti was an Assistant U.S. Attorney for more than 30 years including as the Civil Chief of the Rhode Island U.S. Attorney’s Office and a term at the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington D.C. Iannotti then served on several Smithfield boards and commissions including the Financial Review Commission, the Capital Committee, the Charter Review Commission, and the Budget and Financial Review Board. His service to the Town in multiple capacities contributed to his election to the Town Council in 2022.

As a strong proponent of preserving the character of the Town, Iannotti sponsored a resolution which placed over 800 acres of Smithfield’s conservation land and trails in the Rhode Island Public Trust to provide them with the extra protection that ensures their enjoyment by future generations. He has worked in conjunction with the Historic Preservation Commission to provide increased protection of Smithfield’s historic stone walls. Iannotti sponsored and the Town Council adopted ordinances to prohibit solar farms in neighborhoods and to require increased buffers and limit clear cutting in other areas where solar farms may be allowed. He also introduced an ordinance that has resulted in the prohibition of industrial size battery storage units in the Town of Smithfield.

Iannotti stated that he remains committed to improving transparency, efficiency and fiscal responsibility in Smithfield’s decision making. To protect town resources and increase public participation, Iannotti co-sponsored a bill that would require that any third party proposals to utilize town property be fully developed and vetted by relevant town officials before being voted on by the Town Council. Iannotti also introduced an ordinance to strengthen the requirements for tax stabilization agreements to be made with businesses to protect future tax revenues. Iannotti and Councilwoman Rachel Toppi introduced ordinances to allow public participation at all board and commission hearings. Together they introduced over twenty ordinances to clarify or correct ordinances that were outdated, inconsistent or that conflicted with State law.

During the next two years, Iannotti plans to further address the fiscal challenges facing the Town. “For too long, our school buildings and roads have been neglected due to a lack of long range planning. The challenge will be to find a way to finance the necessary improvements while maintaining the essential services the town’s residents need and deserve.”

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