Side Bar – Paul Lonardo

Side Bar – Paul Lonardo

Paul Lonardo has been writing for The Smithfield Times since 2015, covering a wide range of subjects. Although he has never lived in Smithfield, Lonardo has resided in neighboring towns. He grew up in North Providence and later moved to Lincoln where he lives with his wife and son.

“There’s so much going on in Smithfield, there’s always something to write about in town,” Lonardo says.

After writing hundreds of stories for magazine over the last nine years, it’s hard for Lonardo to pick a favorite.

“I do like the interviews with people who are just starting out, making a name for themselves and achieving something, as well new business that are opening their doors for the first time,” Lonardo explained.

Lonardo has been writing in various forms most of his life, though his initial interest was in cinema and filmmaking. He was in high school when he borrowed a friend’s Super-8 movie camera and began making his own blend of action and horror movies. He wrote the scripts and was behind the camera shooting scenes around the neighborhood with his friends playing the parts.

“We had some laughs making those movies,” Lonardo recalled. “I took it more seriously because they were all projects I had envisioned, and I wanted to see them through to completion. It was really a creative outlet that I was experimenting with, and the experience got me thinking seriously about screenwriting. In those early years, I went to movies all the time, so I learned everything I could about how screenplays were written and tried my hand at them, writing several original stories for the screen.”

Growing up in the 80’s, Lonardo was a fan of dark fantasy and horror, in books as well as film, so when he turned to other forms of writing this was the genre he focused on.

“Stephen King and other contemporary horror writers influenced me in those years when I started writing my own short fiction, developing ‘my voice,’ as they say about a writer’s early efforts,” Lonardo continued. “I still enjoy writing short fiction. In fact, I’m writing more short stories these days and finding a lot of print and online publishers who feature them.”

Lonardo has written more than 20 books, including novels, novellas, short story collections, and recently a book of haiku poems in the horror genre, where they are called horrorku. He continues to work with other people on collaborative nonfiction projects.

“As evidenced from my list of books, there are numerous other genres represented in my fiction besides horror, including romance and a children’s adventure novel. My nonfiction ranges from true crime, to sports, to biographies, and assisting others with their autobiographies. I really enjoy the challenge of writing in a genre that is new to me. It keeps me feeling fresh and eager to learn different styles of writing and approaches to a topic or subject matter.”

Lonardo is a member of The Author’s Guild, HWA (Horror Writers Association), and ARIA (Association of Rhode Island Authors). You can find his titles and more information about him on his author website:

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