Letters of Ventures

Letters of Ventures

Being in Boston means adventures are bound to happen. With the weather starting to slowly warm up, I’ve found myself venturing out more into the city. The past month has been filled with so many adventures, and I want to share some of my highlights!

Recently, I checked out the New England Aquarium for the first time, and although it was busy, it was a great way to spend a dreary Saturday. The inner tank the stairs spiral around is a great piece, and it was fun to see the different sea creatures at different levels as you ascended higher by the tank.

I’ve been missing some good, fun, indoor mini-golf recently, and ventured over to Seaport to check out an indoor mini-golf course, called Puttshack. It was easily my favorite of the highlights of this article. Each hole was inspired by a different game: Wheel of Fortune, Pinball, Air Hockey, Trivia, etc. It was so cool to play holes inspired by this game, creating an arcade feel for mini golfing. The best part? The golf balls are technology based- they track how many strokes it takes for you to reach the hole without you having to keep track! There’s a screen above every hole, tracking how many strokes it takes for you to complete the hole, as well as a leaderboard of everybody in your group. There are also “hazards” placed throughout the course, and if you hit one or your ball lands in a Hazard hole, you lose points. Additionally, there’s “Supertubes” at some holes. If your ball makes it through a Supertube, it counts as a hole in one and you get extra bonus points. Overall, it was a nice 45-minute round of mini-golf, and worth the 20-minute walk in the rain to get there.

Chinatown has become a frequent spot for me recently, starting with the Year of the Dragon parade hosted in Chinatown. I feel very lucky to be in a hub for so many different experiences and ways to learn and experience other cultures, because the parade was such an amazing experience to have. People in dragon robes performed dances all throughout Chinatown, and businesses would leave out offerings of lettuce and oranges for the dragons. It was so amazing to experience something so lively and exciting, with the sound of Poppers constantly filling your ears, it was a multi-sensory event, with so much culture, and so many there to experience it!

Also in Chinatown, I discovered a dumpling spot that I know I will be visiting often. Located in a little food court, this dumpling place sells a 10-piece dumpling order for $7. It was a beautiful day outside, so after picking up these dumplings, I decided to take them to the Boston Common to eat them and enjoy the weather. The best part about the weather warming up is that places like the Common start to bustle again. We people watched and saw an entire group of dogs all with different owners playing together and running around freely. You could tell the dogs were just as happy as the people that the weather was getting nicer, and they could play outside again.

And of course, what is living in Boston without taking a trip to the North End sometimes? I traveled to Bova’s, a popular bakery in the North End, to pick up a few pastries. You may know Bova’s from the famous cannoli debate: which has the best cannolis- Mike’s Pastry, Modern Pastry, or Bova’s? However, I’ve tried cannolis from each of these places and decided against getting a cannoli, instead trying what else Bova’s had to offer! A piece of fudgy chocolate cake and a strawberry shortcake cup, both delicious, were devoured at the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, a green space with swings and benches for people to enjoy a view of the city.

These are just a few of the adventures I’ve embarked on recently, and I will add- I walked to all these places (minus the New England Aquarium- but it is still walkable!). With the unpredictability of the MBTA and as the weather is getting warmer, I’m trying to walk to as many places as possible, but it is nice to know that none of these are more than a 20-minute walk away from Downtown Boston. It adds to the adventure, and it gives you an experience of seeing the city as you travel, instead of underground on the screeching Green Line.

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