Letter from Editor July 2024

Letter from Editor July 2024

Dear Smithfield Times readers,

I’m officially in my bird era. 😊

Last month, I welcomed a family of mourning doves to my patio. After assembling a nest in an old hanging planter, the doves welcomed dove babies right before Memorial Day. I was on vacation when they hatched, but when I came home, I was able to watch the baby birds grow up. The babies grew so quickly! After approximately two weeks, the birds had outgrown the nest and were warming their wings up for flight. By June 6th, they had officially flown the coop.

I’m officially an empty nester…but not for long. I am leaning fully into this new interest of mine. For my birthday, I received a Bird Buddy Bird Feeder and it is the coolest invention. With a motion-activated video camera, this bird feeder alerts me when I have a visitor, saves the video, and snaps a photo. It also identifies the species for me. I highly recommend it!

Magical moments like this happen across the Town of Smithfield every day. Smithfield High School congratulated its 2024 graduates in June and we all could not be more delighted to watch them spread their own wings!

Paul Lonardo spoke with a decorated member of the armed forces in this month’s issue and discussed his recent promotion. Congratulations are in order for all of his achievements! Paul also met with a local man who works with veterans and others in need by providing them with healthy food options.

Townspeople worked together to ensure the use of an accessible swing at Deerfield Park. Brie Finch has this story, as well as hidden gem in Smithfield’s beautiful landscape.

Finally, Joe Siegel spoke with the living souls of the Friends of Smithfield Cemeteries.

Thank you for another wonderful month of community and wonder!

Warmest regards,

Brittni Henderson

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