Let’s Create Something!

Let’s Create Something!

By Lisa Gentile

Personalized Pillow


  • (2) 12×12 Solid fabric squares of choice
  • Traceable picture of choice & letters
  • Acrylic paints of choice & paint brush
  • Carbon paper
  • Polyfill cotton
  • Needle & thread


Lay 1 square on a flat surface. Place the carbon paper down then the traceable picture on top of carbon paper. Trace the picture. Under the picture trace letters to spell out a name. Paint.

When the paint is dry lay the second piece of fabric on top, so the picture is on the inside. Then sew around the squares leaving a 2-inch opening on the bottom. (I hand sew.) Turn inside out. Stuff with polyfill and sew bottom shut.

Happy Crafting!!

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