Expressing Kindness through Art

Expressing Kindness through Art

Theresa Pierpaoli, a mom of three and lifelong resident of Smithfield, spreads kindness and boosts morale through her beautiful rock painting. Theresa started painting rocks in 2017 to cope with stress and started back up again last year when the inspiration struck her to spread kindness throughout the town of Smithfield and even other cities in Rhode Island. 

Theresa prides herself on kindness and joy throughout her expressions of art. After having the amazing opportunity to see her painted rocks in person, I was impressed by her beautiful rock garden and collection of inspiring messages painted on them. Proud of her ever-growing collection, Theresa creates these masterpieces in her own home and then travels around Smithfield to leave them in places where they might be seen by a stranger in need of a good message. 

Theresa wanted to find a way to make people feel good. She knows that nowadays, it is hard to find good people willing to spread kindness and so she, being the wonderfully kind and thoughtful person she is, wanted to find a way to bridge that gap. She loves it when she helps someone out, when they are feeling down and when she can make someone’s day better with her inspirational and thoughtful rock painting. Theresa will bring these special rocks all over town and they can be seen in such places as the Smithfield Crossings and the schools in Smithfield. Her Instagram has gained an awesome following with hundreds of people following her journey with these rocks. 

Her three lovely children like to help her out with her passion for painting rocks and Theresa finds great joy in being able to create these wonderful rocks with her family. Theresa says that she never knew she could paint and that she was so excited to have a new talent that she finds it fun and relaxing when life gets stressful. Her favorite kind of rocks to paint are her landscape rocks, which are beautiful in person, and she also loves creating her message rocks that hold an inspirational saying or a message that helps lift someone’s spirits. 

Theresa hopes that people can see these rocks and know that they are going to get better, and that people are not alone in their fights. She hopes people take away to treat others how you want to be treated as well. Kindness is very important to her, and she talks about how she wanted to express that through her art and the messages on her rocks. 

Theresa will be participating in future events for the school, which she is very excited about. She will also be painting rocks for the SSELAC organization on May 4th, so make sure to check those out if you are in the area. Also, check out her Instagram page @spreadkindnesstrp. You can also check out her Facebook @spreadkindnesstrp.


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