Don’t Fear the Finals

Don’t Fear the Finals

Finals are the first taste of a semester ending. Depending on your major, finals can be filled with exams, papers, or group projects. No matter the form, there is something everyone experiences: a deep dislike for finals. Since we’re all in this together, I decided to share some tips I’ve learned to get through finals without losing (too much) of your mind!

Tip 1: Create a daily schedule

I cannot survive without a schedule to outline exactly what work or other commitments I need to get done in a day. With so much work toward the end of a semester, it’s important to write down everything you must do, because there’s no way to remember it all. It also helps you gauge how much time you have aside from classes, clubs, or jobs, to get your work done daily.

Tip 2: Allow yourself some free time

A common problem that college students experience is time management, especially during finals. Set aside time to relax. Giving yourself some free time also allows you to feel more human, and less like a robot doing project after project.

Tip 3: The weekend is your friend

Most assignments are due during the week, so weekday evenings can become stressful. The weekend is your chance to relax, spend time with friends, and try to forget about your work. The weekend has so much flexibility. The weekend can be molded to fit whatever your needs are during a time of stress.

These three tips might help finals seem less daunting. Taking time for yourself to do whatever brings you joy is paramount to your success!

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