Dear Sports Fans: Want Games? Buy a Streaming Service.

Dear Sports Fans: Want Games? Buy a Streaming Service.

It’s a world of commerce, a world of fears.
It’s a world of anger, a world of tears.
It’s a streaming world after all.

Yes traditionalists, it’s time to face a hard reality. To continue to prove your loyalty to your favorite team or league, you’re going to have to subscribe to a streaming you have no interest in acquiring otherwise. The future is now, and how you feel about it depends upon your willingness to adapt to the mindset that streaming television is in, and cable and over-the-air TV is out. On my count, you currently must subscribe to five separate streaming services to access every major sporting event on television… that’s not even counting games you can access on regular and cable television.

To access everything, it will cost a pretty penny.

The leagues and streaming services think they can buy your loyalty to your teams, but can you show restraint and accept that being a fan nowadays is too costly an endeavor, and your hard-earned cash is best spent elsewhere. I’m old enough to remember the days when local broadcasts of sports teams were split between a network affiliate or independent station, and a cable network. It was frustrating enough trying to figure out which Red Sox game was on NESN or channel 38. Now there are more irons in the fire, and it’s almost impossible to figure out how to watch your favorite team.

Three years ago, Amazon acquired the rights to televise (stream) Thursday night football games. In the process, they took Al Michaels, who I consider the GOAT of the football announcers, away from NBC. I didn’t consider this a big deal at the time because I paid for Amazon Prime to access free shipping on products and gain access to a few recent movies I wanted to watch. Even though the Thursday night games are often of lesser quality, I considered the games a bonus within a product I was actively using.

Now, the time has come where meaningful games like last winter’s Chiefs/Dolphins wildcard game, which was inclusive to Peacock, will cost you more money than you ordinarily would spend if you wanted to watch them.

It was never like that before, but money talks, and it’s going to get much worse. Within the next year, if you want to view significant NBA games, you’ll need subscriptions to Peacock and Amazon Prime. If you want to watch a good baseball game on a Friday night, you’ll need an Apple TV+ subscription, and if you want to watch football on Christmas day, you need Netflix.

How annoying will it be to continuously log out of a streaming service to access another important game on regular television?

This cannot bode for the group of consumers who don’t know their Peacocks from their pheasants, or their Rokus from their Rokers. This is the new normal, corporate greed, ambivalence, and bigger profits margins have won over fan loyalty, easy access, and community pride. Don’t fret dear readers, there is a way you can combat all of this if you’re just willing to use your imagination.

It’s a great little gizmo called a radio.

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