Community Cat Center

Community Cat Center

The Smithfield Times Magazine and the Community Cat Center are working together to find loving homes for kitties that are currently living in their shelter. Here are their stories:

CANDY: Sometimes sweet, sometimes sassy…Candy is quite a stunner! This 3-year-old brown, tan and black long-haired lady has piercing green eyes. Candy is accepting of pets in small doses on her terms. Depending on her mood, she may follow you around for attention or go independently to explore, roam her surroundings, and find adventure. Candy is very food motivated so yummy food and treats are a surefire way to her heart! A little cat nip and scratching posts or pads would be beneficial to this busybody kitty. Candy is seeking a peaceful and patient adopter that understands she needs time to adjust to both you and your home. A quiet home where Candy can reign queen as the only animal is ideal.

HUMPERDINK: Introducing Humperdink! This adorable little guy is approximately 5-months-old and he is dressed to impress with his black and white tuxedo patterned coat. Humperdink is looking for a home with that special someone who will work with him to continue to help him trust and come out of his shell. This handsome fellow is very sweet yet shy. He has made leaps and bounds in our playroom at the cat center and is gradually learning to enjoy some quality playtime and be more relaxed as he sits atop a cat tree by the window to enjoy the view. A home without small children and perhaps with an outgoing resident cat to show him the ropes would be best.

MANDY: Meet the magnificent Mandy! Mandy is truly a beautiful girl. She is estimated to be around 8-years-old and has the playful, social personality of a kitten at heart. Mandy has the softest grey and white tuxedo coat with the cutest bubblegum pink nose. Mandy spent some time surviving on the streets and she has a crumpled left ear from an old injury to show for it that adds to her charming looks. Playtime is a must! She loves all types of toys and catnip and has no issues entertaining herself for hours. Mandy is a talker, quite vocal and will have no trouble letting you know what’s on her mind. She adores all the attention she can get from her human friends (and kitty friends too!) and has been patiently waiting to settle down and be loved at a home to call her very own.


If you are interested in adopting any of the cats featured in this article, please submit an application today which can be found in the link below. The CCC will only be accepting pre-approved applicants for meet and greet appointments once the completed application has been received.

A no-kill shelter is an animal shelter that does not kill healthy or treatable animals even when the shelter is full, reserving euthanasia for terminally ill animals or those considered dangerous to public safety.

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