Author: Terry Turner

A Secret Rendezvous: Your Warehouse or Mine?

In a world that produces an astronomical number of physical tangible goods every day, shipping and storage of these goods is a part of the fabric of everyday business and commercial life. Goods don’t just magically leave a manufacturing plant and suddenly arrive on a store shelf. Captain Kirk is

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Warning! – No Napping While Driving This Vehicle!

Say what? Come again? Sure: while you’re driving this vehicle, don’t try to take a nap, as this could be a risky thing to do. We’re all walking on legal eggs— worried morning, noon, and night about being sued for one thing or another. This is especially true if you

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My Mouse Can Beat Up Your Mouse!

Ah, a better mouse trap. Isn’t this the goal of every entrepreneur or research and development professional? Especially in the field of mechanical devices or technical hardware, there is a never-ending search for the ultimate improvement in any tangible object, be it a computer, a stove, a telephone, etc. Why

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