Author: Dan Pieroni

Dear Sports Fans: Want Games? Buy a Streaming Service.

It’s a world of commerce, a world of fears. It’s a world of anger, a world of tears. It’s a streaming world after all. Yes traditionalists, it’s time to face a hard reality. To continue to prove your loyalty to your favorite team or league, you’re going to have to

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Remembrance of a Brilliant but Flawed Baseball Visionary

The sports world never lacks people with Jekyll and Hyde personalities. Roger Clemens, Aaron Rodgers, and Howard Cosell come to mind immediately. In other words, these are people whose competitive nature and desire to be the best at what they did won them admiration from afar, but whose surly personalities

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A Grudging but Admirable Respect for Coach Hoodie

If you want to gain an idea of how impactful and total Bill Belichick’s authority over the New England Patriots was over the last almost two and a half decades, you must read the two stories told by writer Jeff Benedict in his 2020 sprawling and enthralling best seller The

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