About The Smithfield Times

The Smithfield Times is a free monthly publication that features editorial content highlighting all of the good things happening in Smithfield and helps businesses gain exposure to new local customers. We print 10,500 magazines and mail 9,600 directly to every home and business in Smithfield, while distributing others in surrounding communities, reaching over 25,000 local readers monthly.


Thomas J. Lopatosky, Jr. – Owner, Operator

Ann Marie Donahue – Executive Editor

Elaine S. Amoriggi – Creative Director, Design 

Advertising and Sales

Camilla Spliid – cspliid@smithfieldtimesri.net
Grace Genereux – grace@smithfieldtimesri.net


Harry Anderson
Peg Brown
Thomas D’Agostino
Sophia DeJesus
Jane Fusco
Jim Gass
Brittni Henderson
David Huestis
Jim Ignasher
Bea Lanzi
Paul Lonardo
Diane L. Marolla
Paul Palange
Sarah Payne
Dan Pieroni
Ron Scopelliti
Joe Siegel

Albert Tavakalov – Photographer

Sandra Achille – Photo and Creative Contributor

Tim Jones – Cartoonist