Smithfield, RI – The Town of Smithfield is set to begin its partnership with the Towns of Lincoln and Cumberland on December 1st at the Blackstone Valley Municipal Animal Shelter, 25 Wellington Road, Lincoln. Over the last few weeks, the Police Chiefs and Animal Control Officers from the three communities have been working collaboratively to iron out mutual policies and procedures to ensure a smooth transition process.

Starting on Sunday, December 1st, Smithfield animals will be housed at the Blackstone Valley Municipal Shelter in Lincoln. The change location of the animals will have no effect on the great service that will continue to be provided by our two animal control officers in Town. Smithfield residents looking to contact animal control will continue to use (401) 233-1055 and for an emergency call the Smithfield Police Department at (401) 231-2500.

“This partnership is a great start to other potential collaboration between the three communities and even more statewide,” said Randy Rossi, Town Manager. “The Blackstone Valley Municipal Animal Shelter provides an upgraded facility with numerous amenities on the 17.6 acre property for the animals.”

As part of the agreement, the Town of Smithfield will pay the Town of Lincoln $1,000 per month for the use of the facility which includes the housing, feeding, care and adoption for all animals picked up by our animal control officers.