Local Woman Business Owner Receives Distinctive ACMPE Fellowship

Smithfield, R.I., Nov. 4, 2019 – Julie Sylvestre, the owner of Grey Ledge Medical Management, formerly Comprehensive Practice Management Services, was recently awarded a Fellowship in the American College of Medical Practices (FACMPE) by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). This honor is the most prestigious designation one can earn in the medical practice management profession. It signifies superior standards of performance and professional competency. The road to achieve this honor was one of hard work and perseverance.

In 2002, Julie joined Comprehensive Practice Management Services as Director of Operations and, after continued success, she eventually became co-owner of the company. Two years later and after hours of studying, Julie took the ACMPE certification exam. Julie passed both the multiple choice and essay-based exams and achieved her certification to become one of a few thousand professionals nationally with the CMPE designation.

Julie forged ahead, concentrating on her family, her career goals and focusing on the next step within the ACMPE, Fellowship recognition. The FACMPE requires the submission of a professional paper or series of case studies by members who have already earned the CMPE designation. Julie decided to focus her extensive research on areas that a practice should concentrate on when merging with or being purchased by another organization. She interviewed numerous practices throughout New England and presented her paper to the committee. The grading committee commented that it was too regionally focused and a re-write, concentrating on the national impact, was suggested.

After the ACMPE’s request, Comprehensive Practice Management Services continued to thrive and Julie began discussions with her business partner to purchase his shares and become the sole proprietor. While creating her business plan, capitalizing on her desire to expand the company’s service area and re-branding the company as Grey Ledge Medical Management, Julie was invigorated. The criteria for the FACMPE had recently changed in her favor; business plans could now be submitted. Julie sent her plan and was informed that the ACMPE Fellowship Committee had accepted and approved her submission.

Julie officially received her Fellowship distinction at the MGMA’s National Meeting in New Orleans this October.

In November, she will complete Bryant University’s graduate certificate program in Innovative Healthcare Leadership, which is designed for professionals in the healthcare sector or related fields, who wish to advance their career and develop expertise in the business management and leadership of healthcare. She continues to be a proud woman owned business visionary in the state.

You can learn more about Julie Sylvestre and Grey Ledge Medical Management at http://www.greyledgemedical.com/