The Serenity and Beauty of Crystal Lake Golf Club is Unmatched

By Paul Lonardo

Crystal Lake Golf Club, an 18-hole, par-71 semi-private course located in pastoral Burrillville, has been in operation since 2003. However, owners Kevin and Cindy Bliss offer much more than an afternoon of golf, with accommodations that include a roomy clubhouse and fully-stocked pro shop. Their restaurant and tavern have been in full swing since 2004. They have an elegant and versatile function room that can be used for any type of event, including graduations, class reunions, baby showers, bridal showers, personal and private parties, and, of course, weddings and golf outings.

Wedding Coordinator, Tracy Hill, has been with Crystal Lake Golf Club from the very beginning, and has seen the number of weddings hosted increase exponentially over the years, from five the first year up to around eighty. It is no surprise to Tracy why more couples are booking to have their big day at Crystal Lake.

“Weddings at Crystal Lake are very private,” Tracy says. “We have one function room so we only host one wedding at a time. And the view is absolutely outstanding. The Waterfront Room is just as it says. It is right on the water, so you have a view of the water the whole time.”

The lake itself is private, as well, so your function will not be intruded upon by anyone fishing, boating or waterskiing.

Small parties are easily accommodated because not only do they have a big room, they have a smaller room, an upstairs members lounge, where they can host parties of up to forty-five people. A cocktail room is also available. It can be used to host an individual party, but it is generally used in conjunction with the main function room during wedding receptions.

“Many birthday parties and graduations are hosted outside in our Lakeside Pavilion,” Tracy says. “In the summertime when the weather is warmer, we will book a lot of informal parties outside.”

Crystal Lake Golf Club is semi-private course, so the function rooms are open to everyone.

“We have members who have privileges that include preferred tee times,” Tracy explains, “but we are open to the public as well. The biggest thing that comes up, and it still comes up even fifteen years later, is people don’t realize that our tavern is open to the public. So, you do not have to be a member to come in and eat dinner at the tavern.”

Easter, Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving are the most popular occasions for function room requests, and they always sell out. Many local businesses book their Christmas parties at Crystal Lake, and with the holidays coming up, be sure to make Crystal Lake a consideration and schedule your event well in advance. They waive all room rental fees, charging only for the cost of the food. If you have a small party, the function room can be divided in half to provide a more intimate setting. Their members lounge is also an ideal venue for any office party, whether it is for an extended afternoon luncheon or a more formal dinner party, Crystal Lake does it all. And this year, they are extending their hours. Usually the tavern is open seasonally, but this year they will be open all season long, through the winter when golfing is weather-permitted.

“We book functions all year round, 365 days,” Tracy says. “We book showers, weddings, any event you might be planning.”

For some, the name Crystal Lake may recall memories of a certain 1980’s horror movie, but the fact is that the official name of body of water upon which the golf course and function rooms overlook is Sucker Pond. “That wouldn’t sound very good on a wedding invitation,” Tracy points out with a laugh.” Certainly, Crystal Lake, by comparison, is considerably more appealing. Stop by and see for yourself. Crystal Lake Golf Club is located at 100 Broncos Highway in Mapleville.

For more information visit or call 401-567-4500. To book a wedding or other event contact Tracy at ext. 14.