‘For life and planet’— BioBeans to bring biodynamic coffee to Rhode Island

By Brittni Henderson

Drawing inspiration from their children, your children, loved ones lost far too early due to illness, the beauty of our natural environment, and a slightly selfish desire to drink super clean and delicious coffee, Liz Liberatore and her husband Mike Liberatore created BioBeans Biodynamic Coffee. Biodynamic agriculture is regenerative, meaning that the farm can restore itself and sequester carbon back into the soil.

There are only a handful of farms like this in the world, so the Liberatores chose the La Chacra D’Dago farm in Peru because this family-run operation exhibits some of the highest standards in agriculture. Run by the Marín family, La Chacra D’Dago is a wonderful place to work that does even better work for our planet. La Chacra is a single-origin, shade grown and washed Arabica bean. Last spring, Mike spent time at the farm, located 1,550 meters above sea level in the mountains, just outside the Amazon rainforest.

According to its website, La Chacra brew will come in a Medium and a Medium-Dark roasts to “accentuate the optimal flavor profiles of the La Chacra bean.” The Medium Roast offers a medium body with notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and citrus peel. The Medium Dark Roast presents a full body with notes of chocolate, nuts, and molasses. La Chacra can be brewed in any method and has been described by taste testers as “smooth” and “low-acid.”

Biodynamic farming is an approach that seeks to exist in harmony with Mother Nature. It mimics the natural environment and enhances biodiversity.

“It is truly a method of farming that can aid in the regeneration of our environment and restoration of species,” Liz explains. “And by the way, the product is really tasty!”

She goes on to explain that there are other methods of farming that are also regenerative, but they found Biodynamic certification to be the most reliable process and standardized certification for importing the safest food into the community.

Liz and Mike have worked in fitness, yoga, and food activism for many years. After experiencing the loss of loved ones due to illness and hearing daily news about impending climate change, they knew that creating BioBeans was the first step they’d take in having a major impact on their health and the planet.

Working as husband and wife can be a bumpy road, she shares, but they are able to work harmoniously with clearly designated roles. Liz is due to deliver their second child in a few weeks (at press time), so Mike is taking the lead on a lot of the initiatives. The two agree that they have very diverse skill sets and are able to recognize when the other has a better perspective on the issue.

Over the next few months, the Liberatores will be working on getting BioBeans into online and brick-and-mortar stores by December. They are also test roasting Biodynamic coffee samples from Mexico and Brazil.

“They are very distinct flavor profiles,” Liz explains, “all good but in different ways.”

Locally, BioBeans is supported by roaster Brian Dwiggins from Borealis Coffee Company in Riverside, RI; Dave Counts from Counts Web Design; Josh Vizzacco from Vizzacco Design; and many family and friends who helped them along the way.

To support BioBeans, the first off shoot of parent company Liberation Food Company, please visit: indiegogo.com/projects/liberation-food-company-for-life-and-planet