Happy 1st Birthday to Apple & Cider of Blackbird Farm!

The Brown Swiss working steers Apple and Cider are celebrating their one year birthday this month. These friendly and docile animals were adopted last year by Blackbird Farm from a dairy farm in Litchfield, CT under the supervision of “Grandpa Ted”. We asked our readers to name them after Blackbird Farm decided to run a contest, Apple and Cider made the most sense. The calves had to be bottle fed when they arrived, and as you can see they certainly have thrived in a year. Apple weighing in at 600 lbs and Cider at 750 lbs have joined oxen Maple and Sugar and are enjoying their days grazing in the field on the corner of Douglas Pike and Limerock Road. They are well aware of the pecking order according to Grandpa Ted (who is first) then it’s Maple, Sugar, Cider and Apple.

After training with Ted, they were able to compete in four fairs already and even took a ferry ride to Martha’s Vineyard! They know their names and respond to commands. They will be considered “Oxen” after they reach four years old.

Stop by Blackbird Farm for some ice cream and meet the herd…you’ll learn some interesting history about these majestic animals!