Wig and wellness boutique opens to support those facing hair loss with style, compassion

By Brittni Henderson

Hair can be a very sensitive topic for many people, especially when it relates to losing it due to health reasons out of their control. For Donna Ouellette, this feeling is very familiar. She has a very personal yet inspiring story about her hair loss journey. Instead of focusing on how it negatively impacted her life, she channeled her energy into the realm of wigs and wellness, creating her own boutique to help individuals find the right fit for their own needs. Wigs & Wellness was born from her push to make sure no one else felt the way she did navigating the world of wigs.

In 2016, Ouellette started her first business Evolve Nutrition and Vitality. At the time, she was dealing with numerous health issues, which included thyroid cancer reoccurrence, hair loss, and adrenal fatigue. Ouellette worked with a doctor who practiced a more holistic approach to healing that helped guide her a better life balance, while also focusing on her health. Her experiences soon turned themselves into her business. She became certified in Functional Nutrition, and through this venture she assists individuals and businesses to find balance in their eating and movement habits through one-on-one coaching.

When Ouellette started to lose her hair, she explored wigs as a way to feel more confident and beautiful.

“I always had fine hair,” she shares, “but after getting cancer and living without a thyroid, it started to get worse.”

She adds that with the onset of stress, menopause, and aging, it became apparent that she had to do something about her hair. She tried a local wig company but was never comfortable wearing the wig she purchased. She felt that it was ill-fitting, and although she expressed her concerns with the retailer, she wasn’t provided any additional help.

“I felt self-conscious every time I went out,” she says, with her most embarrassing moment coming soon thereafter.

“I went dancing with my better half and when someone banged into me on the dance floor, my wig went airborne! It landed like an animal hide on the ground. I was mortified!”

From that moment, she put all of her energy into finding other wig manufacturers and accessories that would make wigs more comfortable. Her boutique Wigs & Wellness, which opened on August 1, 2019, is fully-stocked with comfortable and affordable wigs for all.

Those interested can visit the shop at 1665 Hartford Ave., Johnston, RI, or have Ouellette visit your home for a private Wig and Wine Party. Consultations are by appointment, and can be made by email (donna.evolvenutrition@gmail.com) or by call/text (401.578.5879).