bea’s buzz

By Bea Lanzi

Change Can Bring Us to All Kinds of Awesome Places

It’s September and for many years that meant two very important things. Summer is over and school is starting. And, for the last 13 years, we have marked both events with a celebration that included a Reese’s Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake followed with the proper first day of school preparations of filling the cupboard with snack bags and lunch items.

This year is different. Sofia starts college. While yes, technically the same things are happening- summer is ending and school is beginning- it’s clearly not the same. Sofia is starting college! And, her taste for ice cream cakes and need for snack bags and lunch are pretty much gone.

Yes, it’s certainly a change, a pretty big one. And, over the last few weeks I’ve been preparing and thinking a lot about change in general. Truth be told, I did spend a bit of time visiting some happy memories of the past. But I don’t want to dwell there. I’ve decided to focus on the future and embrace this change and the wonderful new opportunities and adventures that can come. And, in doing so, I’ve traveled through the different emotions and learned a lot about change.

Change is scary.

Change of any kind will elicit plenty of reaction and even some anxiety. We find comfort in the familiar, even when we’ve outgrown the familiar and it no longer serves us and gives us joy, comfort can still seem better than the risk of change.

Change causes a whole lot of doubt.

When we make a change, we take a step out onto the road of uncertainty. That’s when weird emotions and doubts come into focus. You start to question yourself and your instincts. You wonder what have I done? What’s going to happen next?

Change makes us embrace uncertainty.

But, once you’re traveling that road of uncertainty, there’s no place to go but forward. You have to embrace the unknown and just keep going. I’ve learned to be quiet and listen to my inner voice and instincts. They lead me in the right direction, to the right place at just the right time.

One change often leads to many more.

Once you make a change, other changes seem to follow. They get easier. They certainly feel less risky. You feel empowered. Instead of running from change, you find yourself marching toward it with confidence. One change will usually signal others are on the way. It’s like dominoes.

Change can be pretty great.

And, as you get comfortable with change, you feel less frightened about pretty much everything. You feel self-assured, liberated. A sense of excitement takes over. You find yourself looking forward to the future and its endless possibilities.

So, this year to mark September, we’ve decided to get some sushi and then we’ll load Sofia’s bag with snack items and ramen noodles and start this new adventure with confidence that change can bring us to all kinds of awesome places…