Wood’s Beekeeping to provide expanded education, retail at Lincoln storefront

By Brittni Henderson

A local, family-owned business is buzzing with new opportunities in Lincoln! Wood’s Beekeeping, located at 690 George Washington Highway, has been in the Wood family since 2013. An avid and skilled beekeeper, Chuck Wood found that the need for beekeeping retail and education was needed in this area, so he opened the business after being in the field since the 1970’s. Chuck’s daughter, Holly of Smithfield, recently took over the business with her step-brother David Mandeville. David has been a beekeeper for about 10 years and worked by Chuck’s side for many years.

“My entire life, we’ve had bees at our house, so I was born into the hobby,” Holly says. “I love being outside and have always been fascinated by all the things that bees do.”

Wood’s Beekeeping provides numerous services and educational opportunities for its customers. It is truly a one-stop-shop for beekeepers of all levels of experience. The shop stocks items like assembled and unassembled woodenware, tools, medications, protective clothing, books, and more.

“The shop gives customers the alternative to shopping online,” says Holly. “It is run by actual beekeepers, so when people come in to shop, they not only get supplies, but they also get to ask questions and get beekeeping advice.”

Wood’s offers classes for beginner and intermediate beekeepers at their store. Services like honey bottling are also offered. The store and its services are available year-round.

“We want customers to know that we are here to answer their questions and give advice throughout the whole year to help them succeed in this amazing hobby,” Holly shares.”

This is the first season for Holly and David at the helm, and she says that it was all about learning the ins and outs of running a business, as well as creating new and exciting ideas for the future. They hope to expand upon the academy portion of the business to provide more hands on classes and more topic-specific classes like making lip balms, soap, etc.

“The possibilities are really endless!” she says.

Holly admits that although they are running a business, making sure the bees are healthy and safe is also very high priority. Wood’s works with mostly Italian bees and Holly says there are many different types of bees, each having their own benefits.

“There are many things that go into the well-being of honeybees, but I’d say one of the biggest challenges is mite control,” she says. “ Varroa mites are a type of parasitic mite that infect bees. There are different methods and ways to treat and control this matter. It is one of the biggest issues we face today as beekeepers. The dilemma is that you are trying to kill a bug that lives on another bug, without killing both.”

Wood’s Beekeeping is hoping that the business continues to grow in the coming months. With the addition of new programs, specials, and retail products, beekeepers of all levels of interest should be swarming the store to see what’s new.

For more information, visit woodsbees.com.