Bacon N Beanz Proudly Serving Dishes and Smiles in Smithfield

By Mike D’Abate

It is commonly said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For those who enjoy venturing out to seek that perfect start to your morning, you might consider a stop at a true Rhode Island ‘gem.’ Nestled in the heart of Smithfield, you will find an ideal blend of old-world charm, modern sense of humor, and a fun, family atmosphere. Most importantly, you will be more than satisfied with the cuisine.

Located at 347 Waterman Avenue, Bacon N Beanz restaurant prides itself on being an all-encompassing breakfast spot. Since opening its doors in June 2018, it has consistently delivered the ‘diner-style trinity’ of great food, great coffee and great service. Owners Rico and Justine Healey remain focused on providing their patrons with classic breakfast comfort food, while employing a hand-picked staff that fully understands the art of hospitality. Thus far, it has earned them rave reviews, and a loyal following here in Smithfield.

However, the secret to their success is not solely found in the delicious selection of Omelettes, ‘Yum-Yums’ and Benedicts on their menu. Rather, Bacon N Beanz finds its true niche in the amount of heart and dedication that the Healeys, and their staff, put into every plate which they serve. Having both been in the restaurant business for more than two decades, Rico and Justine have brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to this venture. Despite their impressive background, they continue to learn more and evolve each and every day. That evolution has instilled a level of teamwork at Bacon N Beanz that is evident during your visit from beginning to end.

“Rico has been in the restaurant business for about 25 years, and I’ve been in the (restaurant) business for about 20 years.” Justine advises with a prideful smile. “He specializes in the kitchen and I specialize in the front of the house. However, at one point or another in our careers we both have worked in all positions, whether they be in the front or back of the house.” In short, it is a team effort. While Rico and Justine set the standard, each member of their staff maintains their level of professionalism, courtesy and most importantly, fun.

With their walls adorned by signs bearing humorous slogans, the Healeys are intent to keep the mood light, for the benefit of everyone under their roof. As a result, smiles are always abundant inside Bacon N Beanz from Wednesday through Sunday mornings. “It is our goal to provide the best possible experience for our guests,” said Justine Healey. “This is our passion and we want you to remember our food, our service and our desire to make you want to come back again and again.” With one visit to Bacon N Beanz, it is a safe bet that you will do just that.