Kelsie’s Korner: March’s Music and Madness

By Kelsie Crough

Today, the town teeters on the cliff’s edge of winter, eagerly anticipating the plummet into spring and summer. Students in Smithfield High School have been long awaiting this monumental point of the year as it marks the shift from wintertime and mid semester blues to spring time excitement. Needless to say, the winter season brought on a lot of anticipation and now we have reached our climax. In the first few weeks alone, there are events that not only students but the entire town will not want to miss. For one, as always, the annual school production is slated to premiere the second weekend of March (8th, 9th, and 10th) on Friday and Saturday night as well as Sunday afternoon. This year’s production is a long awaited Disney classic, The Little Mermaid, that is sure to be fun for the entire family with the right mix of drama, comedy, music, and nostalgia. However, if theater isn’t your thing, you’ll be happy to hear that the boys basketball team is expected to make it into the playoffs after battling successfully through the season. These games will go on as long as we win so don’t be afraid to show your support–win or lose, there is nothing like the feeling of Sentinel pride.

Speaking of Sentinel pride, did you know about the annual spirit week held mid-March? This week inspires students to indulge in school spirit during the regular school day by having multiple themed days leading up to Green and Gold day on Friday. Opposite to Homecoming week, this spirit week leads up to the long-anticipated game for our unified basketball team. This team gathers students of all skill levels and ability to participate in a fun-filled sport of basketball and supports inclusivity in our community. This is the peak of Sentinel pride for all students, feeling like a connected and inclusive community.

Whatever your interest, be it sports, theater, or just all around school spirit, Smithfield High School has it all. The month of March transforms this small high school into a hub of excitement. So, come and support our teams and music department by attending these highly anticipated events and becoming part of our little world, little community. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a Sentinel for a day, to feel the pride in our vast array of young talent as a town. You’ll regret missing out on something that special.