Two Smithfield women join forces to watch their businesses blossom

By Brittni Henderson

Nestled on the side of a busy section of Route 44 in Smithfield is a peaceful sanctuary created by two motivated young businesswomen on a mission to succeed. B.Medeiros Photography and Lovely Lash are two separate businesses that came together when Brittany Medeiros and Remy Sands decided to join forces to create a space for their respective dreams to become reality.

It’s an unlikely pairing. A photography studio and an eyelash salon under one roof is not something that you would automatically combine, but it works for these two energetic and inspired Smithfield women. Medeiros and Sands attended Smithfield High School together but were in different grades. Their social circles intersected but they were not close until a post on Facebook sparked the creation of their business move.

Medeiros studied graphic design and fashion merchandising at Johnson and Wales University, but was always very interested in photography. She spearheaded the creation of the Photography Club at JWU, and eventually went on to start her own business in 2014.

The beginning wasn’t so glamorous, as Medeiros set up her studio in her mother’s kitchen on the quiet street where she grew up. Every Saturday, Medeiros and her mother Sylvia would move everything out of the kitchen and create her set. At this time, Medeiros would shoot photos of her family and friends, using a rented camera from school.

Eventually, Medeiros moved her work out of her mother’s kitchen and into a space in the basement of a building, the same one that she works from today. She would work tirelessly shooting on the side as she was also working a full time job at the same time. Medeiros knew that she wanted photography to be her life, and knew that it would be able to sustain her. She knew that she had to take a chance, but the risk was worth it to her.

With the support of her family and friends, Medeiros decided to take B.Medeiros Photography to the next level. She began taking on more clients, specializing in newborns and wedding photography. She has an effervescent personality, infectious laugh, and a knack for finding what each client is looking for in their sessions.

When she decided to move upstairs from the windowless basement studio to a more spacious spot in the same building, she found Sands. While working in a hair salon was a worthwhile and important stage in her lashing career, she decided that the next step for her would be to move on to her own space. Toying with the idea of a big lash salon with employees or working solo, Sands came across a post for Medeiros looking for someone to join her in the new location upstairs. She trusted her gut and joined her former schoolmate, creating the shared space their two respective businesses now call home.

Sands has a spacious private room for her lash clients and Medeiros has plenty of room for her photography clients. While she shoots newborns in the studio, most of her sessions take place at locations across Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The two women run their businesses separately, but work together when needed. One will support the other in many ways, the most important being there for the not so glamorous moments behind the scenes.

Medeiros is so grateful for Sands and her business-savvy mind, as she has helped her business blossom. She is also very thankful for her family’s support, especially her Grandfather’s. Back in the early days, he would be there for her to build and take down the set, as well as being a helping hand in any other way she needed.

“I used to call him the employee of the year!!” says Medeiros.

The home of B.Medeiros Photography and Lovely Lash can be found at 357 Putnam Pike, Smithfield, RI.