Fire up your Party with Party Fires

By Brittni Henderson

There’s nothing like a blazing fire in the backyard on a crisp evening. Family and friends gather to socialize, warm up, and observe the snap, crackle, and pop of the beautiful flames. A fire can bring that special touch to a backyard party or family function, and Jim Stein of Smithfield wants to make sure you have access to one—even if you don’t have a fire pit.

Party Fires is a fire pit catering business that Stein burned into existence in his own backyard. He is a retired, avid outdoorsman who loves his forest-surrounded home in Smithfield. He has always chopped his own wood, studied the differences, and learned which are best for backyard fires.

Stein started noticing that at parties, once the sun goes down, everyone moves to the patio or deck. A fire pit is sure to captivate all guests and gather around to enjoy the warmth and comfort it provides. He discovered that most rental companies do not carry fire pits, so he decided to take it upon himself.

With Party Fires, you can rent not only the fire pit or a chimenea and heat-resistant stands that come with them, but purchase high quality wood all from the same place. Stein’s wood is locally grown and naturally seasoned hard wood that burns slowly and evenly. Although pre-packaged sets of logs can be purchased at the store, Stein urges that this wood is often from out of state and sometimes low quality.

Stein currently provides precut wood by pick up or delivery. Party Fires is looking to grow in the New Year, with fundraisers and parties filling the schedule quickly. He will deliver everything you need for your gathering, educate you on what you’ll be using, and set it all up.

If you’re interested in using Party Fires for your next party, or simply need some fresh seasoned wood, contact Jim Stein at 401-486-3009 or