Gianna Petrone: a young, ambitious force of beauty

By Brittni Henderson

In a world where it seems like everyone has something to sell or a service to provide, it’s hard to decipher who’s trustworthy, professional, and reliable. When it comes to cosmetology, it can be even harder. Procedures can be drastic and sometimes outcomes are far from what consumers expected. As a professional in this industry, it can be hard to work with unrealistic expectations from clients, too. But for the vast majority, even the smallest treatment can boost a woman’s image of herself, making her feel more confident in every way. While the outward perception might be changed, what’s on the inside is what matters most.

For Gianna Petrone, 21, of Smithfield, she knew from a young age that she wanted to find a career in the cosmetology industry for this very reason. She looked up to an older cousin growing up, who in her eyes had the most perfectly pristine hair and meticulously applied makeup. Her appearance was always put together and she exuded so much confidence that it was hard not to be inspired. Petrone knew that if she was able to master the skills needed to help others not only look the way they’d like, but also to feel special as well, she would be fulfilling her dream.

As Petrone grew up, she did everything in her power to learn about the cosmetics world. From watching YouTube videos on her own, to practicing makeup application on herself and friends, she made it a point to be as immersed in what she knew would be her future.

“I practiced on myself until I could perfect my skills,” she says. “Eventually other girls would ask me to do their makeup. I figured since I loved doing it, and loved the way I was making girls feel, it was definitely the career choice for me.”

Petrone enrolled in the Aveda Institute of Rhode Island in 2017 after a few years of researching other school options. After scheduling and attending a tour of the school, she knew that Aveda would be the beginning of her future.

“I learned so much at Aveda,” Petrone shares. “Everyone was so helpful, especially my instructor Kerri Santilli. Not only was she one of my teachers, she became my friend. She helped me every step of the way and never gave up. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am in life today.”

Upon graduation in March 2018, Petrone set out to be sure that her skills would stand out amongst the rest in the constantly growing field of cosmetology. She immediately took her State boards, attaining her license in manual, chemical, and electrical facials; waxing; and makeup application. Petrone also immediately took a course to become certified in Classic Eyelash Extensions, a trend that has absolutely exploded over the past few years.

Petrone is at the commencement of her career, with much more to learn, but she is already making her presence in the industry known. Her social media pages are more than just a marketing tool, but also a place for her to share very informative tips on upkeep of lashes, the types of facials she provides, and other beautification tips. On a given day, you will see photos of Petrone’s work, read client testimonials, and learn something new.

In person, she is nothing short of a force to be reckoned with, even at such a young age. She is welcoming, informative, and professional—three things that are sometimes hard to find in even the most seasoned adult. A “lash nap,” or the time spent lying down with eyes closed as she applies eyelash extensions, can be a time for silence or a time to chat about whatever you need to get off your chest.

Petrone is working in a small salon right now, but is looking to expand her clientele and her workspace in the coming months. She offers high-quality work at real-life prices, making the experience affordable for as many women as she can.

For more information on her services, Petrone can be reached by phone at 401.829.7095, email:, or Instagram: @beautybygiannaa.