Local jeweler returns to her roots to create botanically inspired pieces

By Brittni Henderson

Life has an unpredictable way of bringing new things to our attention in subtle ways. These things can be tangible or emotional; empowering or discouraging; and reassuring or confusing—but these experiences can often be hints as to what is to come for us. In many ways, what we put out into the world, things like effort, love, kindness, and respect, can shape what we get back. As we embark upon our path towards whatever “it” is (it’s different for all of us, of course), we may discover that the road we’re on takes a drastic turn in a direction that seems scary or unplanned—but it ends up being an outcome that is much better than what we originally intended.

For Brijette Stamp, or Brijette Marie as her business proclaims, she always dreamt of becoming a teacher. She was in the process of completed her degree at Rhode Island College when she stumbled upon a metalsmithing course that sparked a place in her creative center that she never knew existed. She always felt that she enjoyed expressing herself in creative ways, but things like painting, sketching, or drawing never really satisfied her itch to produce art.

As she grew up on her family’s farm in Johnston, Stamp Farms, Brijette grew accustomed to the many important tasks that went into running a successful farm. She also began to experience the constant changes that take place from season to season, and eventually to the inevitable transition from the beginning of a creature’s life to the end. Although the circle of life can be thought of as a somber cycle, saw it as a beautiful story from beginning to end.

After sometime honing her metalsmithing skills, she realized that this talent could be more than just a pastime for her. She began creating pieces that she felt were unique enough to set her apart from other artists. Brijette focused on channeling the essence of plant life energy, something that she always felt had a beautiful role in the world around us.

Brijette creates her pieces with exotic minerals, local gemstones, ethical diamonds, sterling silver, and gold. The delicacy and detail of botany is channeled into her work, making each piece stunningly unique. She makes rings, necklaces, earrings, and custom items upon request. Her family generously allowed her to use an old barn to house her studio and jewelry to sell onsite. She also has a website (brijettemarie.com), where customers can browse and learn more about her work.

Brijette aspires to find a larger space to create and share the jewelry she creates. Another goal she has, and is very passionate about, is to reinvigorate the Rhode Island jewelry scene. For many years, the former “Jewelry Capital” has been lackluster. She hopes that other artists like herself can bring a renaissance into the state and influence others to follow their creative dreams.

Just as the root of a plant grows firmly from the earth beneath us, Brijette hopes to go back to the source of her creative energy and continue to grow as a metalsmith and jeweler. Everything comes and goes, but the main inspiration of her work is to hold on to that final bit of life energy to last a lifetime.