Children and Dog Safety Tips

By Alysa Danielson from Abandoned Dogs of RI

Stop the 77!

When thinking of dog bites, most people vision a big scary strange dog, growling and bearing teeth. 77% of the time, dog bites come from a family or friends dog. Since most bites come from dogs that your children know, how do we protect them? How do we keep our dogs and children safe? Education!

The one central theme is respect – teaching kids what dogs really like, what they don’t like, and when they just need a break! Although they’re amazing at dealing with what a family can throw their way, dogs still need your help. Kids can sometimes be scary to dogs because they are KIDS — more unpredictable, more unruly, more uncoordinated and way more likely to get in a dog’s face than most adults. To keep them safe, it’s your job to watch and listen. Dogs use their whole bodies to show you how they’re feeling. If families can learn to listen to what their dogs are communicating, we can better understand their wants and needs.

Make sure the dogs around your kids are ALWAYS comfortable. Be a hero and at the first sign that they’re not — give them a break! Move your child far enough away so that the dog can relax again. After all, if no one is there to protect dogs, they’re left with no choice but to protect themselves — and that’s something no one wants!

Child & Dog Safety Tips

Dogs don’t like kisses and hugs! Instead, have your child pet from collar bone to base of tail.
When the pets are eating or sleeping- give them space!
Kids should always be the “good guys”. Taking things away from a dog is a job for adults.
Dogs are not toys. They should never be part of “dress up”, ridden like a horse, tugged, or pulled. Respect their bodies and their space.
Keep your pets and family safe! For more info and fun educational videos your kids will love, head over to