The Perfect Hat

By Brittni Henderson

As Roxanne Jasparro was planning her annual trip to Salem, MA in 2011, she was on the hunt for the perfect witch hat to take with her. As her search seemed to bring her only to dead ends or hats that weren’t “here,” she decided to make her own. She bought a basic hat and went to the craft store to come up with her own custom creation.

When she arrived in Salem with her personalized witch hat, she couldn’t keep up with the number of offers she received to purchase the hat. These offers made Jasparro realize that there might be something in this for her besides just a couple of personalized witch hats.

The trip to Salem was a way for Jasparro to not only connect with a place that was special to her, but also to remember her Grandmother, a witch from Salem. Jasparro connected with her grandmother most growing up, knowing that she possessed a special ability that her elder family member always brought out in her. Jasparro’s gift as a child was the ability to communicate with animals, but she hid it from everyone except for her grandmother as she grew up.

As Jasparro’s hats, capes, and jewelry sales began to expand, one of her family members, who also believed in her gift, urged her to take a course in Reiki, a healing technique that uses energy and light touch to activate a patient’s natural healing processes. As she embarked on this new path, she realized that another part of herself was awakening. Her ability to communicate with animals had not been merely the case of an imaginative child. As her energetic channels opened, Jasparro realized that her ability to speak to the deceased was turning on at full force.

The items she created were soon available for purchase in Salem, and as time went on, she found a market for them here as well. Jasparro eventually opened her own shop—Bewitched of Scituate. At this store, she sells her own items as well as those of other local artists, and offers Reiki sessions and psychic medium readings.

Although there were individuals who doubted her abilities and success, she knew that being herself, no matter who that may be, was the most important thing to her.

As our interview came to an end, I was talking to Jasparro about random topics along with Smithfield Times creative director Kerryn Azevedo. Suddenly, she began to feel one of our loved ones coming through. She asked if either of us had a father or grandfather pass recently, and I responded that I did. While I do believe in the truthfulness of psychic mediums, I never thought I would have the opportunity to receive a random reading. Going into this interview, I planned on just getting the information I needed for the article and heading off to complete it.

Jasparro started to relay information to me via my late Grandpa Rob that she could never have known—things that surprised me, some that I would have to ask my mom about, and she even reminded me that it was my brother’s girlfriend’s birthday the next day! It was truly an amazing experience. Although I went into the meeting with an open mind and I always wanted to believe in mediums, having this experience only solidified my belief further.

Jasparro explains that during a reading, she sees our loved ones as actual humans. Sometimes they appear as they were at a younger age or as they were when they passed. She can taste things, feel pain, and can hear their words. While there are many different types of mediums out there, she urges that if you are searching for one, reading reviews is one of the best ways to weed out fraud. Using your instinct is another good way to “feel” them out. You can’t put time on spirit, so if the individual is in it for the pure experience of sharing their gift with you, instead of profiting from it, you will be guided by the right person.

Bewitched holds many events on top of its usual schedule of readings and shopping hours. In the future, Jasparro hopes to start a “Black Hat Association,” which will be a free monthly gathering discussing topics like holistic healing, tarot cards, and much more.

You can visit the Bewitched Facebook page at for more information.