Small-town animal rescue seeks fosters, funding to provide its own kind of unique care for animals

By Brittni Henderson

As you pull up the long driveway off of Paris Irons Road in Glocester, it feels as though you’re arriving at a close family member’s home to visit. Nestled on nine acres of land in the middle of a neighborhood with every bit of a small-town feel, you’ll find, instead, the Abandoned Dogs of RI Rescue. Founded in 2015, ADRI shares its home with The Pet Resort, a place to board furry family members while traveling or otherwise.

Alyssa Danielson, a veterinarian technician, and her sister Erika wanted to find a place for dogs (or other abandoned pets) to live when families could no longer house them. Shelters are busy, loud, and sometimes cannot house these animals for very long, so the Danielson sisters were eager to open a safe space for pets to live until finding a new home.

ADRI sees mostly dogs, but has also had cats and even a bunny as residents on their way to a new life. There are numerous volunteers that assist in walking and caring for the animals while they are residing at the rescue. Just as the appearance is a very comfortable and homey building, the support to maintain the program is also very community-orientated. Although many local residents and businesses aide in the success of ADRI, there is always room for growth. Funding is used towards vet visits, food, housing, and to support foster families who take in animals to assist the program.

The home-like surroundings and expansive lawn out front differentiates ADRI from the typical animal shelter, but finding foster homes for these animals is still a much better choice. Alyssa Danielson explains that fostering allows them to learn more about the animal as it lives in the calmer setting of a home. Even if the caregiver is busy with school or work, leaving the animal in the crate in a quiet home is still better than having it reside in a crate at the rescue facility. Foster care comes to no cost to the caregiver either. All expenses are paid for by ADRI, which is yet another reason why funding is especially important for them.

Finding forever homes is their number one priority, though! Individuals interested in becoming new parents to these amazing animals will have to go through a brief application and screening process, followed by a home inspection, before the animal is released into their care. Oh, and they must take a family photo before they leave!

ADRI is hosting their “Red Necks to the Rescue” fundraiser on Saturday, September 9th from 12-9pm at Nadiger Farm, 40 E. Killingly Rd, Foster, RI. Tickets are a $25 donation and there will be food trucks, raffles, cordials, games, and much more fun to support the animals that come to stay at ADRI. Tickets can be purchased on the website ( or in person at 29 Paris Irons Rd., Glocester, RI.

For more information about becoming a foster parent, adopter, volunteer, funder, or anything else having to do with the rescue, you can visit their website or Facebook page at