Payne’s Picks

By Sarah Payne

Movies coming out

It – September 8th – Halloween may still be a few weeks away, but it’s not too early to scare yourself with this adaption of one of Stephen King’s most popular books about a killer clown. In fact, many sources are predicting It will break a record for the highest grossing September opening weekend (I blame this on the less-than-impressive summer movie selection). The film’s director, Andy Muschietti, told SFX that King reached out to him after seeing the newest adaption: “When he saw it, we started exchanging emails. He said it far exceeded his expectations. He was very moved. He loved it.” Most of the actors are lesser known, however you may recognize Richie’s character is played by Finn Wolfhard, who also stars in Netflix’s Stranger Things (look out for the release of season two next month!). If you can, try to see It at IMAX, where the clown will be ten times larger and ten times scarier.

mother! – September 15th – This is one of those thrillers that you don’t want to know too much about before seeing it in theaters, or else you’ll spoil the surprise. Directed by Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan), mother! stars Jennifer Lawrence and Javier, who play a married couple coping with a visit from two strangers (played by Michelle Pfeiffer and Ed Harris). Though the trailer doesn’t give away much about the plot, Aronofsky tells Entertainment Weekly it’s well worth the wait: “The best thing about this film will be the surprise of it. It’s an intense journey and it’s definitely the biggest roller coaster in the park. Only get on it if you really want to do the loop-the-loop.” This sounds like a ride I’ll take my chances on.

Movie review

Dunkirk – I can’t recommend Dunkirk enough, especially after seeing it in 70mm film at IMAX. Director Christopher Nolan creates a breathtaking visual experience that contains very little dialogue (his original plan was to shoot the film without any script). Sound effects also play a huge role in the film, as they do in Nolan’s Interstellar (a must-see film if you’re a fan of Nolan’s style). Moviegoers actually complained that the sounds in Interstellar were so loud that they drowned out the dialogue. There are moments in Dunkirk where I imagine some may have the same complaint, especially in the scenes featuring fighter pilots. I enjoy the sound effects because they create a truly immersive experience. You may recall the opening scene to Nolan’s Dark Knight, where the Joker and his gang are robbing the bank. Nolan uses the sounds of a clock ticking to build tension. He does the same in Dunkirk, and carries the tension throughout the film in all three settings of the battle in the sea, air, and land. You will be gripping the edge of your seat until the very last scene.

Redbox review

Deepwater Horizon – Over the last few years, Mark Wahlberg has produced several movies based on well-known tragedies, including Lone Survivor and Patriots Day. He loves to not-so-subtlety build suspense for the horrific event that everyone watching the film knows will inevitably take place. Deepwater Horizon falls into the same category. While it’s certainly interesting to watch the story unfold and learn about some of the logistics that go into deep sea oil drilling, there are so many obvious red flags along the way. The crew that was supposed to perform a safety check left early; the pressure in the well was way too high; and that greedy guy from BP (played by John Malkovich) just won’t listen to everyone else’s warnings about safety. The opening music and sequence of obvious red flags is reminiscent of Patriots Day, which makes sense because they were both directed and released by Peter Berg in the same year (in Patriots Day, there are several scenes focused on Jeff Bauman’s feet and legs before he is struck by the bomb). While it’s not a cinematic masterpiece, Deepwater Horizon is certainly entertaining enough for a night in on the couch.