The Jesse Liam Band is Making its Way Around Rhode Island for its Summer Tour

By Brittni Henderson

The energetic and crowd-pleasing Jesse Liam Band is on tour this summer to promote lead vocalist Jesse Liam’s fifth CD “Come on My Way.” This album includes six tracks, three of which are originals and three of fan’s favorite covers.

Jesse has come a long way from his days performing in the courtyard of Smithfield High School during the Fall and Spring music festivals. His passion for singing and performing hasn’t changed, but he has become more immersed into his career in music over the past ten years. Gauthier and his father/bandmate Jack have been performing around Southern New England with the JLB for a decade. During this time, their fan base has grown immensely, turning them into a staple in the Rhode Island entertainment scene.

Gauthier not only leads the band with his vocals, but he has taken full control on the business aspect, as well.

“As soon as my father handed me the position of booking agent for our band, it has been the best learning experience in my life,” Gauthier shares.

The first lit beneath Gauthier has only continued to grow over the years, especially when he reaches fans in more ways than just musically.

“One moment that stands out to me was getting the opportunity to perform at Burrillville High School,” he says. “The connection came through two fans of mine who have been following my career. Their father took notice of the impact I was having on my fans on the topic of bullying. My experiences have built my confidence immensely and it allows me to connect to high school students. This is something I never thought I could do when I was a teenager myself.”

As well as his sincere relationships with fans, Gauthier thoroughly enjoys philanthropy projects, especially the Toys-For-Tots Drive held annually throughout the state. He performs with the JLB for this cause at the toy drive that takes place each year at Dave’s Marketplace at Smithfield Crossings.

With Jesse at the lead, the JLB is comprised of four members. His father Jack sings harmony alongside his son. Michael DeQuattro is high-caliber drummer who received his degree in music from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, and teaches drumming and percussion at Rhode Island College and Roger Williams University. Joseph Bentley is a talented bassist who received his degree in music from the Royal Academy of Music at the University of London, and teaches at the Portsmouth Abbey School. After high school, Gauthier received a bachelor’s degree in Geography from Rhode Island College.

“The best part of leading the band is the connection I make with many audiences,” he says.

To find out where Jesse and his band are located this summer, visit their website at He will be performing locally on Tuesday, August 1st at Dave’s Market at the Smithfield Crossings from 4-7pm.