The Inside Scoop

By John J. Tassoni, Jr.

I’d like you to meet your neighbors…

Creating community in Smithfield and beyond

Nothing makes me prouder than being a Rhode Islander and nothing grounds me more than my solid roots made here in the Smithfield community. I grew up here, competed in sports here, raised my family here and continue to be a true Smithfield Sentinel at heart. (The latter is no secret to anyone since my business, The Sentinel Media Group was named in homage to our high school’s beloved mascot.)

One of the strongest things this town has going for it is its amazing resilient people, unique history and our local businesses. When I took the reins of The Smithfield Times in 2014, I wanted to put a face to the area’s many vibrant organizations, craftsmen, and businesses. My goal was to look deeper, past the names or logo, and introduce you to the unique personalities, tell their family’s stories and bring this community even closer together.

There is a reason that we send our monthly magazines directly to your family’s home and businesses – and trust me, Smithfield has a lot, approximately 10,000! When you receive our magazine in your mailbox each month we are able to make introductions on behalf of the community – if not in person – but by way of gorgeous graphics and compelling stories told by our team of award-winning writers.

As a longtime Smithfield resident and politician, I have seen firsthand the finest examples of my neighbors’ generosity, caring and compassion towards each other. By focusing on the positive – our local history and lore, the uniquely vibrant character (and characters) of this area, community spirit and events for all ages – we aim to shake off some of the negativity prevalent in today’s news media.

While our home office is based in Smithfield, our magazine’s reach does not end at the town line. Within the past few years we have broadened our focus to include over a dozen vibrant Northern Rhode Island towns and villages where our readers shop, live and work.

It has been my unique pleasure to be entrusted to share your stories within our pages over the past three years. Nothing beats the feeling when you have introduced new friends to their neighbors and made a personal connection within your community. Here’s to many more years of friendships, building connections and creating a stronger Smithfield for all.

“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives” – Tony Robbins