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Six Signs That Your Kitty Thinks You’re the Cat’s Meow!

By Jules Martins

There is a vast difference between how dogs and cats let us know their likes and dislikes. When you bring a cat into your life, it is super easy to settle into becoming a cat mom or dad. Cats are smart and sensitive and have many funny ways of showing how they feel and what they like.

1 Purring: Cats show you love with their purrs. A loud and continuous purr conveys delight, contentment and devotion. If your kitty turns into a perpetual purring machine in your presence, consider yourself a privileged cat parent.

2 Keep on rolling: If your cat throws himself at your feet and rolls, you have achieved elite kitty love status. Presenting his belly to you for rubbing makes him vulnerable and shows that he trusts you. He wants attention now and is showing you where he wants it. When he bellies on up to you, seize some cat fur and let the scrunching fest begin.

3 The need to knead: Cats love to knead soft things with their front paws. This stems from kneading their mom’s stomach to help milk flow. Adult cats will do this when they are feeling content, loved and relaxed, most often when they are being petted. When your cat kneads you, she is saying “This reminds me of my kitty-hood, and I adore you.” Grin and bear it when her claws take hold and try to feel the love.

4 The gift that keeps on giving: Anyone who has awoken to a dead mouse at the foot of their bed knows that cats are “givers.” Cats are hunters, and they just want to share their spoils with you. They wouldn’t give you these special treats if they didn’t love you. Remember as you are cleaning up their messy present, it’s the thought that counts.

5 The art of the cat nap: The average cat sleeps 14 to 16 hours a day. Needless to say, they have perfected this skill and where they choose to do it. Since sleeping makes them vulnerable, they seek a cozy and safe place where they trust they will be protected. If that place happens to be your lap, then you have received one of your cat’s highest love compliments. Seize the moment when your kitty grabs 40 winks on your laps, and take the down time to binge watch your favorite shows – this might take a while.

6 Cat tails and details: If your cat approaches you with his tail held straight up, consider this his version of a high-five. Just as they did as kittens when they greeted their mom, as adults this shows their love for you. They are asking you for special attention which usually means they want some rubs. Weaving in and out of your legs while doing this is a sign they are in an extra playful mood. Avoiding being tripped and scratching your kitty’s bottom at the same time takes finesse – be sure to keep an eye on your cat as he plays footsie to show you his love.

Jules Martins is Co-Owner and Groomer at Village Paws 615 Putnam Pike, Greenville.