Keeping Kountry Kitchen’s Menu Special for Customers is Restaurant’s Key to Success

By Elizabeth Israni

With a combined 80 years of restaurant experience, Kountry Kitchen owners Lionel and Thierry Delos have focused on the word – special.

They believe in making their customers feel special by making their food special.

They go so far to say that they make food so special it can’t be found anywhere else locally, nor anywhere else in Rhode Island for that matter.

Co-Owner Lionel Delos explains, “In the last year we’ve really worked hard on making sure the word “special” actually means that what we’re offering each week is truly special and makes the customer feel special, not just an item off our menu that we are featuring as a special, like many other restaurants do.”

The two brothers start every Tuesday at the family’s 10 Smith Avenue restaurant in Greenville by making a list of items they wish to feature the following week. Visits are made to specialty markets for unique ingredients. Perusing a German food distributor in East Greenwich, a Spanish market in Providence or a local Korean market in search of kimchi are all common occurrences. Ideas start to develop and soon recipes are tested and perfected in the kitchen.

Lionel Delos is proud of their unique take on traditional menu items. “We are pretty confident that when we come up with a special – like hand rolled gnocchi pan seared with spinach and pancetta topped with two poached eggs and hollandaise or breakfast tacos made with house cured, slow-cooked pork belly, sweet corn salsa, pickled onions, fresh cilantro, pico de gallo and topped with a Srircha sour cream – well, you aren’t going to find those items on any other breakfast menu in the area or possibly anywhere in the state, for that matter.”

Lionel believes that customers really appreciate their commitment to what sounds like mouth-watering ingenuity. “I can’t tell you the number of times a customer has told us that one of our specials was the best breakfast they’ve ever had.”

“That’s what pleases us the most,” he said, “Hearing so many positive reactions to our passion for creating the best food.”

Kountry Kitchen’s impressive five-page breakfast menu boasts a wide variety of dishes certain to satisfy everyone’s cravings, from more traditional pancakes and eggs to their more “foodie” inspired dishes. Thierry explains “Our philosophy has been to go for the very best for our customers. If you’re going to make bread pudding, why not make it a cinnamon bun bread pudding…if you’re going to make corned beef hash, why not make it a braised short rib hash or a veggie hash or even a bratwurst hash?”

“We take the ordinary and create something special,” he says proudly. This philosophy has been an asset to the Delos clan, who recently celebrated 20 years of family ownership. Joining the brothers in co-ownership are their aunt and uncle, Pierre and Marie Delos. They are proud to mark two decades of putting their heart and soul into the Smith Avenue restaurant.

Many in the area might remember the original owners, the Meehan Family, known for serving breakfast in the early hours of the morning, eventually becoming part of the fabric of the town over the years.

Lionel and Thierry both started working in the restaurant business at a young age in their parent’s Martha’s Vineyard restaurant in the 1970s. At the age of 11, Lionel would be in the kitchen helping his father with the food prep, and Thierry would be working the dining room busing tables for such celebrities as Dan Akroyd, Jim Belushi and Woody Allen.

“Forty years later and I’m still in the kitchen and Thierry is still in the dining room,” points out Lionel, noting that together they bring a combined 80 years of experience to the table for their customers. “We wouldn’t trade any of it for the world,” he adds.

Serving breakfast, brunch and lunch seven days a week, Kountry Kitchen also offers patrons a full service bar with multiple function rooms available for meetings, luncheons or private family events. Catering services are also available for home and office parties.

The Kountry Kitchen Restaurant is located at 10 Smith Avenue in Greenville and serves breakfast and lunch seven days a week from 6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Visit the restaurant’s website at for their complete menu and be sure to “like” @KountryKitchenRI on Facebook to keep up on their inventive specials of the week.