From Bananas to Energy in Three Generations: Wesco Oil

By Patti Shaffer

In the mid 1980’s, Rene Sirois and his wife Merry, life-long residents of Smithfield, started a business from their kitchen table taking orders for oil delivery in their home on Sunset Drive in Smithfield. They named their small company Wesco Oil after Rene’s father, Wilfred Ernest Sirois, who once owned the original banana company at the former Providence Fruit & Produce Warehouse on Harris Avenue in Providence.

Over time, the company grew as Rene began hiring his nieces, nephews, neighbors and friends from their church.

In the mid to late 90’s, as the business grew, they then expanded out of the kitchen into their garage and eventually into its current location on Farnum Pike.

In time the company expanded to other outlets, first as Wesco Propane, managed at the time by Chad Sirois, Rene’s son, and Chad’s brother Andrew. Wesco Propane was later sold to Osterman Gas.

Wesco Oil expanded once again and created a trucking division where they provided water deliveries for contractors and homeowners. They also hauled road salt in the winter for the state as well as construction materials. They have also participated in numerous home shows.

Today, Wesco Oil is owned by Chad Sirois, Rene’s son, who is also a resident of Smithfield along with his wife and three children. He employs approximately twenty employees—most of who are still family or friends of family—and his dad still helps out! The company is a full-service oil company with a fleet of eight trucks. They provide heating fuels, heating systems and also provide a full service, 24 hour, emergency company that provides oil and burner service to northern RI and southern Massachusetts.

They install and service all types of heating and cooling systems from oil to natural gas and Air Conditioning systems, mostly residential. Their mission: To provide high quality, affordable heating and fuel systems backed by an experienced team that provides outstanding service and delivery.

Chad Sirois says, “At Wesco, we realize society’s outlook on clean and efficient energy is complex and challenging. Today, consumers have many choices from which to choose, including wood, coal, kerosene, propane, heating oil, diesel, natural gas, pellet stoves, geothermal, solar and biofuels. There are also many options to help reduce your home energy consumption, such as smart thermostats, more efficient insulation, windows and doors. However, it is important to analyze them properly to insure your return on investment.”

“We understand our industry is very competitive,” he adds, “so we strive to provide our customers the greatest value by constantly improving our customer service and maintaining a highly knowledgeable staff. We also buy energy sources on the stock market cost effectively, which in turn helps us pass along savings to our customers. At Wesco, we want to provide and service your energy needs for the long haul.”

Wesco Oil is located on 307 Farnum Pike in Smithfield, RI. The Wesco Bee is their mascot.

For more information, call 401.231.3681 or 508.883-9100. Or check out their website at: