Happy Birthday Milton Wilbur

By Josh Wilbur, Bay Crane Northeast

At 18-years old, Milton Wilbur began working, and he hasn’t stopped for 60 years. He will be 78 on April 23, and has 78 years of beautiful experiences that he shares with his loved ones and co-workers regularly. He sets examples for all those around him on what a hardworking faithful man should be. Milton has always been a loving, religious, humorous, and hardworking man. There is no problem too big, or too small for him. His shoulders are always clear for you to lean on whenever you need them.

Starting his career in working on industrial boilers and chimneys all over the United States, he then worked his way up to managing a company of five hundred men. Eventually Milton went into business with his father and continued to support his loving wife Anita along with their five children. On one particular project in New Hampshire, Milton fell 70 inches off a roof. When the paramedics were making sure he was all right, he insisted that he climb down the additional 15 foot ladder to get himself to ground level. He was building a lighting system for a hospital in Haiti. Milton had grown friendly with one of the locals, and when he left the island, he had just the clothes on his back. All his tools and clothes remained behind for someone less fortunate.

When Milton was 65 he decided to sell his company and retire. Retirement for Milton started at Bay Crane Northeast working with his son Joshua. Milton comes into work every day around 4:00 am, and has been known to work around the clock escorting massive transports throughout the Northeast. He continues to work over 40 hours a week, and works harder than most 21-year-old men today. For 30 years, his back has been bothering him, and even more so in recent years. His mentality is that if he keeps moving, he will be fine. He goes to physical therapy, and then returns to work and finishes his duties. You won’t hear him complaining or griping on how it affects him, only on how he must keep moving forward, with a smile on his face.

Milton brings joy to all those around him. He has many stories for his 78 years on this earth, and all of them are nothing short than amazing. He is a mentor to not only those who work with him, but also to his 15 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren.

This man is an old soul and never refuses a task. When everyone is leaving a mess and moving fast, Milton is nearby cleaning up after all of them. He will be painting lifting devices, and staging equipment for upcoming projects and then in the same hour he will be taking out the trash and cleaning bathrooms. Milton is the grandfather of not only his family, but to all employees at Bay Crane. His timeless stories and experiences are amazing, and we are lucky to have him share them with us.

Milton is always teaching a lesson on something in one way or another. His children always remembered him extending his wisdom to help others, and always lending a helping hand when needed. He is the type of man to accept people into his home when they need a warm meal and a place to stay. People speak of teachers and their impact on life, well Milton is the best teacher, and has a significant impact on all the people around him. They don’t make men like Milton Wilbur anymore, but we are all indebted to him for the great joys he brings to us.