The Inside Scoop

By John J. Tassoni, Jr.

Many thanks to the volunteers of the Whipple Field Lighting Project

It’s almost time for the switch to be turned on so there will be lights at the Whipple Field Sports Complex for night games. All 21 new light poles and fixtures were installed by mid-December of last year.

This project wouldn’t have come to fruition without countless volunteer hours, including on weekends, by several individuals, organizations, and corporations whom the town owes a world of gratitude.

Local 57 Operating Engineers

James White, President

Steve Rogers, Chief of Training – Operator

Bay Crane

Josh Wilber, General Manager

United Rentals

Chris Puccetti, Regional Manager

Rodney Carriere, Smithfield Branch Manager

Smithfield Peat Company

Jackson Despres and Daren Clavet

Tikoian Corporation

Gary Tikoian

Gizzarelli Corporation

Albert Gizzarelli

Material Sand & Stone

Robert Pezza and Dennis Woisart

Sullivan & McLaughlin

Tom Leddy

Cullion Concrete

Mark Cullion

Bill Salisbury, electrician

Bill Carlton, retired operating engineers

Smithfield Little League

Shane Moore, President

Smithfield Softball

Scott Boyd, President

The monetary value of donations, equipment, labor and materials from all of the above mentioned is in excess of $71,000.

I am sure I speak for the entire town when I say to all of those mentioned above: Thank You (English). Grazie (Italian). Gracias (Spanish). Merci Beaucoup (French). Danke (German). Domo Arigato (Japanese). Do Jeh (Chinese). Efharisto (Greek). Dziekuje (Polish). Obrigado (Portuguese). Spasibo (Russian). Asante (Swahili).

The sentiment is the same in any language and the thoughts are heartfelt.

Soon, our town’s sports teams, leagues and other users of the field will be able to safely enjoy late-night outdoor activities with this new illumination, as a result of professionalism, teamwork and Smithfield pride.

Please support the businesses that support our community.