Scrapbook Haven is a Place to Preserve Memories

By Jane Fusco

Rosann Maneca believes that everyone has the ability to create a beautiful work of art, something that she has seen time and again in the 20 years that she has been scrapbooking.

Last Fall, Rosann opened Scrapbook Haven at 975 Greenville Ave. so that scrapbookers would have a dedicated place and space to practice their craft.

“I wanted a place that allows people to bond in a creative atmosphere,” Maneca said. “When people try to do scrapbooking at home, the whole basement ends up on the dining room table.”

Scrapbook Haven has all the supplies a scrapbooker needs, plus classes, monthly clubs and crops. What is also plentiful at Scrapbook Haven is inspiration.

Maneca said that assembling scrapbooks can be time-consuming and that Scrapbook Haven can help speed up that process. That is also why she offers crops. A crop is a specific time set aside for people to bring their photos and other memorabilia to work together to create page layouts.

“Everyone has their own unique style, so no two scrapbooks will ever be alike,” Maneca said. “It is the bonding experience of working together with people sharing their creativity that gives inspiration to others.”

Scrapbooking is one of the largest categories within the craft and hobby industry and now considered to be the third most popular craft in the nation. It is thought to have started in the 15th century, when commonplace books became popular in England as a way to compile recipes, letters, poems and anything that sparked the creator’s interest. Today, over 4 million women in the United States consider themselves to be scrapbookers. One of the reasons for an increased interest in scrapbooking comes from a renewed passion for genealogy, or tracing one’s roots, while others use the craft to showcase an interest in photography and graphic design.

“Small scrapbook stores are few,” said Maneca. She explained that for a while, the big box stores were selling scrapbook supplies but they had to pull back their inventory when online sales increased. But the personal touch and socialization got lost, she said.

“People seem to bond easily in a creative atmosphere,” Maneca said, which is why she thinks her classes and crops have become so popular.

Sharon George, office manager at Scrapbook Haven, said that many people also use scrapbooking as a way to preserve memories of a loved one who has passed.

“Scrapbooks are usually sentimental, a family record,” George said.

Maneca said that most scrapbooks are themed to specific life events. She remembered one woman who took two years to put together a wedding album. “It started off simple but by the end, it was quite elaborate,” she said.

“There are no errors in scrapbooking, just embellishments, you have to try it,” Maneca said.

For Maneca and George, bringing people together to preserve their memories is why they are so dedicated to the art of scrapbooking.

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