Police looking for a few good names for new rooms

The Smithfield Police Department Building Committee is seeking individuals, families, or businesses to sponsor or make memorial dedications to selected areas within the newly expanded and renovated police headquarters, said Chief Richard P. St. Sauveur, Jr., Chairman of the Building Committee

The selected areas follow:

Option A. Community Meeting & Training Room

For Option A, the individual’s or family’s or business’s name will be prominently displayed at the entrance to this room, and will be included in future correspondence, (i.e.: written invitations, social media posts, etc.) relative to scheduled events in this room. For example: “Tonight’s discussion will take place in the John Smith Memorial Community Meeting & Training Room at Smithfield Police Headquarters.”

Options B-G

Option B. Lobby

Option C. Outside Front Entranceway

Option D. Victim/Witness Privacy Room

Option E. Dispatcher Center

Option F. Emergency Management, Emergency Operations Area

Option G. Wellness & Training Room

For Options B – G, the individual’s or family’s or business’s name will be displayed on an appropriately worded plaque. For example: “This Lobby is sponsored by ABC Bank.”

A brief, written explanation of why the individual, family or business should be selected, must accompany each application. Selections will be made by the Smithfield Police Department Building Committee, which shall take into consideration sponsorship amount and the written explanation. Additionally, these sponsorship/memorial dedications will remain in effect for the lifetime of the building, unless circumstances, (i.e.: dishonor, reputation, request of the family/business, etc.) as determined by the Smithfield Town Council, dictate that a name replacement is in the best interest of the Town.

Option H. Donor Wall

For a minimum gift/sponsorship of $500, applicants can have their names included on a Donor Wall in the new police station lobby.

Applications/brochures, along with a brief, written explanation attached, must be received by Feb. 10, 2017.