The Inside Scoop

By John J. Tassoni, Jr.

There is an old adage: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

A recent personal attack by a member of the Smithfield Town Council proved this to be true.

I have spent my entire working career in public service, as a state senator, a union leader, advocate for the homeless, for veterans, and for individuals in recovery and their families.

So, when I helped the town by arranging for free union labor and services as part of the Whipple Field lighting project, I did it for the betterment of our town and youth groups and other sports teams who regularly use the field, so they would have a well-lit and safer place to play in the evenings.

I received no compensation whatsoever, nor did I want anything in return. I did this because I know how important sports play and practice is to our youth teams, having once been a student athlete.

Yet, I was publically criticized and accused of profiting from this gesture by Maxine Cavanaugh of the town council. Ms. Cavanaugh, you should be ashamed of yourself, and so should any of the members of the town council who agree with or support your accusations.

How could you say that I assisted in this project for personal gain when every record shows my involvement was purely voluntary? How could you say you are a representative of the people of the town when you don’t have all the facts? How can you stand before a group of your peers and say that my personal email response to you was unwarranted when you publically tried to humiliate me?

And this from a woman who took advantage of free political advertising that I gave her, and all the other candidates, in The Smithfield Times. That alone should tell you, the other council members, and the public that my efforts are sincere, and in the best interest of the town. It is unfortunate that I cannot say the same for some members of the council.

Please vote on November 8th on the facts not the fiction on all these ads that have been forwarded to the residents of Smithfield.