Smithfield Little League 2016 All-Star Teams

Smithfield Little League announced its 2016 All-Star rosters and coaching staffs at the end of its regular season in June.

The team played in a number of tournaments throughout June and July.

The 12-year-old Majors All-Star team included: Kyle Bourque, Gian Carroccio, Connor Derderian, Travis Cobain, Jack Dwyer, Colin Folgo, Jack Graham, Riley Gran, Cole Guarino, Connor Guilfoyle, Liam Hickey, Zachary Lavallee, Dennis Murphy and Zander Semerjian. The team was managed by Mark Graham and coached by assistants Kevin Bourque and Adam Gran.

The 11-year-old Majors All-Star team included: Matthew Belleavoine, Theodore Blais, Giovanni Capaldi, Nicholas Collins, Cameron Corriveau, Ryan Kennedy, Christopher Lopez, Luca Maiello, Marcus Mensah, David Parenteau and Nicholas Tsonos. Jay Kennedy managed the team with coaches Bruce Belleavoine, Jeff Collins and Jose Lopez.

The 10-year-old Majors All-Star team included: Jared Atkinson, Reilly Bennett, Jacob Boudreau, Joseph Church, Chris Currie, Shaun Dwyer, Ryan Flynn, Jordan Hurst, Joseph McConaghy, Ray Porter, Elijah Reed, Michael Sands and Lucas Swierad. The team was managed by Dennis Dwyer with coaches Ray Church and Brian Flynn.