Smithfield High School 50th gala will induct 2016 Hall of Famers

The Smithfield High School 50th anniversary Hall of Fame selection committee has announced its 2016 inductees. The committee members are Jim Parente, Steve DeCurtis, Tom Hines, Richard Iannitelli, and Tony Torregrossa.

Nominations were submitted to the committee last spring and the inductees will be honored at 50th Anniversary celebration this month.

Green Star inductees and their Class Years are: Steven Lynch, 1978; David Takoian, 1986; and Gail Kulisch, 1979.

Lifetime Achievement inductees and their Class Years where available are: Jack Boyle; Bob Salisbury; Al LaGreca, 1966; Richard Iannitelli, 1975; Virginia Harnois; Joseph Bennett, 1980; Jack Lawrence; Eileen Provensil Jones, 1973.

Athletic Achievement inductees: Tony Torregrossa; Cindy Neal, 1972; James Connell Sr., 1969; Don Rahl, 1975; Jim DiNoble, 1972; Scott Rahl, 1975; Betsy Lange, 1988; Sharon Hindle Wignot, 1986; Carolyn Catuongo, 1976

The 50th Anniversary Gala and Hall of Fame Ceremony is scheduled Saturday, Sept. 24 from 6 to 11 p.m. at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Reception, Dinner and Hall of Fame Ceremony $65/person; entertainment and dancing 8-11pm $20/person