Life Hacks

Wax paper isn’t just for wrapping sandwiches anymore

By Jane Fusco

Wax paper is a staple in most kitchens and is great for preserving foods, especially in a lunchbox. Other than that, it pretty much sits in the drawer. But it has many other uses around the home that will surprise you. From speeding up snow shoveling to un-sticking a zipper, here are some creative ways to use this inexpensive kitchen item.

Let’s start with the basics. As soon as you open a new wedge of cheese, remove the plastic and wrap the cheese in wax paper. This will allow the cheese to breathe without getting too moist.

When rolling out dough, place a sheet of wax paper over the dough and roll on top of the wax paper for no sticking and no need for extra flour.

Cover plates, bowls and platters with wax paper before microwaving to prevent splatters.

Line cutting boards with a sheet of wax paper before slicing into raw meat to capture any bacteria in the meat juice, then just toss the paper when you’re done.

Wax paper makes a perfect funnel to pour spices from one jar to another, or liquids because they won’t penetrate the paper.

Use a sheet of wax paper on your floor sweeper instead of those costly cloth refills. The waxy surface of the paper easily picks up dust and dirt.

Wrap your favorite linens in wax paper to keep out light and moisture and protect the fabric. Wax paper also makes a great drawer liner.

Keep zippers from sticking, or loosen a zipper that is already stuck, by lightly rubbing the teeth of the zipper with a small piece of wax paper to get the zipper moving freely again.

Some pets get anxious during thunderstorms and it may be from the static in their fur. Rub the fur with a small piece of wax paper to eliminate static and make them feel more comfortable.

Rub the end of a snow shovel with wax paper to help the snow glide off faster and keep it from sticking to the shovel. This also works on the bottom of sleds to make them glide across the snow faster.

Rub wax paper on kitchen and bathroom faucets to buff the metal and make them more resistant to water spots.

Layer the tops of hard to reach kitchen cabinets with the wax paper. This will eliminate the need for dusting. Simply replace the paper instead of dusting.