High School Happenings

By Joe Baxter, Smithfield High School

October has come and gone, the leaves are beginning to change, fall is in the air, and Smithfield High School is back in the swing of things. October is a big month for sports, and Sentinel pride. With October being breast cancer awareness month, most of the fall sports teams host a “Pink Out Game” to raise awareness for the cause. These special games draw lots of support from the school and Sentinel community.
Sentinel pride is a big part of the month of October. SHS hosted spirit week from Oct. 13 to 16. This week is full of exciting days, where students dress up according to the theme of the day. This year’s spirit week included: Salad Dressing Day, Sports Day, Sentinel Day, and Green and Gold day. The week also features events at night including a hypnotist show, a bonfire, and homecoming night on Friday.
One of the most popular events is the hypnotist show. During this entertaining night, hypnotist Frank Santos, Jr. chooses several students to be hypnotized on the stage, in front of the rest of the students in attendance. After putting them in a trance, Santos creates a lively show full of singing, dancing, and comedy. This is one of the many highlights of the week.
The final day of spirit week is definitely the most exciting. Friday has many different elements. The theme of the day is green and gold, and at the end of the school day there is a pep rally. This year’s pep rally included a student vs. teacher basketball game, a break dance competition, a fall sports rally, and the announcement of the homecoming court. The pep rally had everyone on his or her feet, and filled the gymnasium with energy. Students and teachers alike joined together as one Sentinel army.
Friday afternoon led into Friday night, which meant the much anticipated homecoming football game. Before the game, students enjoyed tailgating and music in the parking lot. After the game, everyone made their way over to the school for the annual homecoming dance, which is always an enjoyable night. After the dance, spirit week is over, and SHS is ready to take on fall!
Another notable event from the month of October was the Junior Class Ring Night. This night is a tradition that began many years ago. Receiving a class ring is a rite of passage for juniors at SHS, signifying that they are upperclassmen, which means two things. First, your class ring means that ‘you’re almost there!’, and graduation is going to be here before you know it. Secondly, being upperclassmen means that the juniors must join the seniors in setting the tone for the rest of the student body to make the school the best that it can be.
Fall is an exciting time of the year, and it will bring a refreshed atmosphere to the high school.